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Like I said this will be a one time thing unless it is too good to turn down. It is worth a try! Horny bitches wants discreet married dating looking for my bestie maybe fwb Sweet women wants casual sex Caguas Puerto Rico outdoor fuck right now Looking for a BIG man to fuck me. Bend me over a bench or picnic table now. I'm a sexy with big tits just needing a NSA hard deep fuck. In Bangkok these guys used to be ok, I used the same team near my apartment everyday and once they get to know you they are pretty cool. In Pattaya, it can again be rip off city. When you get off the bus you are likely to be quoted THB for a trip that should be Again, they would prefer to sit all day doing nothing rather than charge a reasonable amount and actually earn some money.

Some of the guys who work in Pattaya town centre, can be ok. As a rule in Vietnam it is always best to negotiate a price with them first, as they will be more than ready to quote a ridiculous fee at the end of the journey.

The famous Pattaya Songthaews, or baht buses are terrific, and as long as they operate I would never ever use a taxi, there. There are two types, the ones that simply drive round in circles and you pay 10THB. Then there are the others who drive looking for customers and quote a fare. Whilst it is not always easy to tell them apart, you get used to it like anything else.

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As a rule, just make sure you get in one that already has customers in. For some reason in Bangkok, the Sonthaews only operate in certain areas. Tuk tucks are a mode of transport that I would never use in Bangkok. They are uncomfortable, difficult to see out of because the roof is too low and they are normally a rip off. Bar and service staff Bar Staff in a city centre Saigon Bar Now here there is an enormous difference. Service staff members are better trained in Vietnam and, whilst some of the old dogs who have been around a long time might disagree, are more helpful, more polite and more honest.

Of course bar girls in Bangkok and Pattaya are there for a lot more reasons than pouring drinks. Their main, if not sole purpose is to get you to buy them drinks then take them home. Many a foreigner will get close to having his face slapped when moving from Thailand to Vietnam. Vietnam girls are also more helpful.

Asking for anything in Vietnam will be met with a smile and a genuine attempt to help. Dq is unbelievable how many times you will go in a restaurant with a friend and eat separately. Normally the rice comes first and as you sit watching it go cold, eventually one main course will arrive. Just as one of you finishes eating the other main course arrives. This is definitely worse in Thailand. Though in both countries higher end establishments have decent staff.

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