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If the above symptoms are ignored, more serious consequences can happen: One of the wheels starts smoking. A wheel comes off the vehicle. How does a wheel bearing work? A wheel bearing is part of the front and rear wheel hubs.

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In the front, the hub connects the wheel to the suspension's steering knuckle. The wheel connects to the hub, and the hub spins smoothly inside the wheel bearing. This allows the weight of the vehicle to rest on the hub as it spins while maintaining as little surface contact as possible. The wheel bearing is lubricated with grease in order to further reduce friction. Most vehicles feature sealed wheel bearings that encapsulate the ball bearings and the lubricant. Can I drive with a bad wheel bearing? Yes, but not for long. As the wear increases, so do the chances of damage occurring to other parts of the suspension.

If you suspect that a wheel bearing is beginning to wear, have a technician evaluate the problem as soon as possible.

Hub Escort

A vehicle with a significantly worn wheel bearing shouldn't be driven. If the wheel bearing fails completely, it's possible for the wheel to come off the vehicle and cause a wreck. How often do wheel bearings need servicing or replacement? Hub adapters are needed when installing aftermarket steering wheels. You cannot install an aftermarket steering wheel without buying a hub adapter.

Hubs are also used to space the steering wheel closer to the driver in some cases. How do you install a hub adapter? An airbag is an explosive device and removal of the steering wheel involves working with it. This procedure should only be performed by a qualified mechanic. If your steering wheel does not have an airbag attached, the job is a lot easier. There is no cutting, splicing, or other kluges required. Your factory steering wheel comes off and the hub placed on your steering column.

Once installed your new steering wheel mounts to the hub. Does Escorg hub adapter work for any steering wheel? If not, how do you know what hub adapter you need to make any given steering wheel fit?

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