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I found the whole scene to be pretty depressing so I just gave it up. Did not even bother to respond to messages from the girls afterwards. But maybe your experiences will be better. In any case please post and let us know how it turns out. It Travel If I have time and the pale, pink blondinkas leave me some time. Big Bad James I have a bit of experience here.

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I'm often in Moscow for work. You're right that the Pstite girls in Moscow rver cheaper. When I'm having trouble getting a girl or at least dispatcher to understand me, I Petite girl wanted for sex in tver black. I tried yver until. Waanted I'll get to that bit soon. What you should expect: But since they wahted turned on, the sex was like fucking sandpaper. I always use lube with condoms yver this just annoys the crap out of me. EG you can't touch their pussy with your hand. After she carefully puts a rubber on your dong, you cannot touch ses rubber. Obviously these are generalizations from a wide sample. I've had one that did anal, a couple that did BBBJ for 1 - 2. Some were more relaxed about DATY or fingering.

But none were sed a good fuck or GFE so I never repeated. Even the one that ses truly one of the hottest girls I've ever fucked massive tits on tiny body was so ih bad to Petitee that I'd never ever go back. Despite all that, they are cheap and speak English so I kept fucking them. Until this one time a got a really chatty one. She told me her wantdd story. Tricked into flying to Russia, passport taken, tor doesn't care, she was a virgin and they raped her to I quote "devirginize" her three holes. She tells me about how one time a client stole back the money he'd paid her and she was beaten and locked in solitary for days.

Do you think I wanted to fuck her after that? Sure I did, she was cute. I continue seeing a couple more and all had similar stories. I decided that fucking trafficked girls is way outside my moral code. Which was interesting because until that point I didn't even know I had a moral code! So take this info as you will. By all means take the plunge and see what you think and don't ask too many questions. Most of the girls are genuine and want to be there some agencies create fake profiles but you get good at spotting them.

Also ads on Backpage are generally OK. Photos fake of courses but they send real ones on request and usually speak English. My 2 c from five years intense Moscow mongering. It Travel I have a bit of experience here. Many thanks, sounds the same I've heard. I use mamba too and find normal, next door, teens or so. I think I'll stay off the blacks. Discretion is a part of Russian culture, more so than in the West. German habits like public joint gender full nudity saunas no sexual services are unheard of in Russia, just as much as FKK style public display. Russian clients would consider it brute and compromising.

Russians enjoy the parade of young, slender petite Russian beauties in a salon, with but one male the client in the room. Use condoms for vaginal sex and for anal sex if that is to your liking. If you shun the condom, adopt the sexual service habit that endures centuries. Enjoy the hands both hands! The mouth, the lips, the tongue and the throat of the young butterflies. Ask for a thorough licking down below. CIF is safe and exciting. Don't be a fool for nothing, when so much more can be had at basically no risk.

I did a fair amount of research ahead of time on this board so I was familiar with some of the places to check for ladies and how to contact them. But, to save some others time, here is what I did: Rule one with Intimcity is to use a browser like Google Chrome so you can quickly translate the pages from russian to english there is a chrome plug in available for doing this, makes it pretty easy.

Rule two, sign up for an account with the site its free so you can save your favorites. I was saving the profiles by clicking the "postpone the application" text link on each girl's page. On a translated page, look near the top for search by: Then after following the link, go down to the bottom of the parameters page and hit the choose button next to ways of communication. Turn off all but WhatsApp, Viber, and Telegram a russian messaging app. The subway system takes you everywhere and it can take a ride or two to get the hang of it. Or, be smarter -- use UBER.

Most of the rides I took through the city cost me four or five bucks total for 15 minutes in the car. Super cheap, super safe, super easy. Once you get to the address, if you are having trouble finding the building entrance, just send a quick message to the girl to help you. Many times they will just come down to get you if you are on the corner or in an easy to see spot. Now, I saw two fine ladies. The first was best lay I've had in the last five years, without a doubt. Kristina Intimcity profile She also has a ton of great reviews, another Petite girl wanted for sex in tver sign. Contacted her via whatsApp and we made arrangements for her to come to my hotel about 90 minutes later for a 2 hour session.

The photos are percent real, and she is definitely just as pretty in person. Taller, she's about 5 foot 9 inches, but she's not skinny or Petite girl wanted for sex in tver -- super fit. Has a new pair of bolt on boobies but they are also quite nice. Her English is very basic but its not too hard to cope and get through some basics, use Google Translate for everything else. Kristina excuses herself to the shower for about 10 minutes. She is very relaxed, and easy to be comfortable with. Like any Russian women, or eastern women in general, she likes a man to take control, so I did. She slides down to give me a fantastic BBBJ while I'm on my back and she's on all fours, and I get a chance to admire that killer body.

Good motion, moans, tongue, you name it. She really likes DT so we did that a few times. I flip her on her back with her head on the edge of the bed and DT her that way while using some fingers on her why. She's already soaked and moaning. She went nuts with screams so loud the neighboring rooms definitely heard. I cover up for some pounding in mish -- alternating slow and then harder and faster. Doggie, more mish, sideways scissors, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, back to more BBBJ, to I started to lose count on what we were doing. I had a 2 hour session and we did everything and then some. Eventually I am on my back and she's giving me DT, asking me in Russian to please finish on her face.

Who am I to say no? I would repeat every time I had the opportunity. Anal available for 5, are more, which I did not partake but I sort of wish I did, because it is an amazing ass to plug for sure. Profile on intimcity dot NL. A regular porno collection of abbreviations. Anastasia is a girl, about Speaks only Russian, so we used Google Translate a lot. She takes a quick shower and joins me on the bed. Nice, smooth youthful body and a very pretty face. I love these Russian redheads with blue eyes, and she is a perfect example of it. Nice handful-sized tatas with the perkiest nips, I could have tweaked them all day.

Put on a cover and she wanted to go straight to Greece, or Straight to the A as some might say. So after some DATO to get her ready I hit that ass first in mish and then in doggie, making her put her ass super high in the air. This time I might be able to walk around late at night. Is it safe to go around in Tulskaya? My only other alternative right now is to call an escort and enjoy time with whoever shows up in front door. Should I branch out or stick with my "freebies"? Any special investigation requests from my friends here? Anyone in Moscow interested in going out? I should be there around 26 July. A Russian expat club! Didn't know such things existed. Where would I find something like this?

I've been to Brighton Beach several times and never saw anything like a Russian expat club. I shall take you comment above at face value and ignore potential sarcasm. You will note I said club not nightclub. Just like any expat club in any major city in the world the Russian expat clubs are there for expats and the majority of people have no intention of settling in the country they live in. I think Brighton beach is mainly full of immigrants so maybe they arent needed. The clubs organise cultural evenings ie if the bolshoi is touring, networking events, dinners and social events and of course trips to bars.

I personally find them very useful to practise my Russian so I don't forget it when I'm not there. Anyway not really much to do with Moscow or girls so if anyone does want more info PM me. Nothing indicative of the general experience of Russian expats or immigrants and certainly nothing akin to the many public watering holes in Moscow where expats hang out. If your current Russian girlfriends are comfortable with the understanding that the relationship is not exclusive, then why not take off and branch out. I'm sure Jake will be happy to point you in the direction of some fertile hunting grounds.

The only problem will be if that iPad translator thingamajiggey craps out on you at a crucial moment, you will have to think fast on your feet. Based on your recent experience, I shouldn't think that would be a problem for you. The nightlife is not terrible in that area. Don't laugh, but you may want to check out the 3rd level of the Eravan Plaza Shopping Mall. There are a few restaurants there TGI Friday's, Itazh, etc where some fairly hot chicks hang out at night. Rooms are expensive and so are the girls.

Unfortunately, the location of the Swiss Hotel makes it difficult for you to enjoy the more affordable places. IMHO you have two options. Call in from a web site. This can be good but it CAN be bad if you do not get what you want. The other thing to do is go down to the lobby and have a word with the bell man out from the revolving door. These guys know how to get girls and you will be safe. And they probably speak enough English to get you what you want. Make a reservation at Night flight for 9: I suggest this for a few good reasons. You are a newby to Moscow and don't speak the language.

If you find a girl from NF you can easily get a taxi from out front to take you to Swiss Hotel. As a new comer to Moscow, this is NOT the time to explore bargains. But you can choose what you want and no surprises. From other posts here, other clubs like Aurora has hourly prices starting at 12, rubles, so are the NF prices similar Aurora ? I have shared it with a long-time contributor and truly helpful poster, but you have not achieved that status yet. In particular salons or massage places or apartment girls. I have a very limited schedule but will be in Moscow 9 days. I will be free starting 11pm until 10am each night sex kitten has me occupied with cock worship sessions during the day.

Got to love these Russian girls. I'll be staying in Avtozovodskaya so I'm looking for a local spot to sample some of Moscow's offerings. A warm up for my layover in Frankfurt. So anyone know of any options easy to get to or close by my area where I don't need to know Russian I know I'm asking a lot here. I know there is G Club strip club easy walking distance not sure if girls here will "date", There is at least 1 Salon in Avtozovodskaya but I can't seem to find any good info on it. In call is probably not a good idea. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

By the way for any guys looking to date Russian women I can't emphasize enough how much you need to be alpha and be in control with these girls while still being a gentleman after you have established a romantic connection. These women love to be dominated gently and passionately. When they respect your authority then you will be rewarded with total devotion. Be up front about what you want, be fearless unless confronted by drunk Russian guysand let them know exactly what you expect from them. Do not be afraid of being demanding. Most American men don't know how to do this very well but it's a great lesson for American women also, they truly aren't that different.

Be fearless, don't apologize for who you are, have high expectations and express them clearly. Most women love a challenge. But you other guys what you think about this issue. I have been in Russia and Ukraine and I think it's very useful to have some contacts before you arrive. At least you can catch someone who can speak english. Better than asking every girl in a night club Do you speak english? Do you understand me? I have tried mamba last week but not so effective. Do you have any advice on dating websites? I am planning to make a second visit to Moscow.

Con fake but that's what I call note. A file servile collection of caballeros.

I was using RussianEuro. Not so bad but I am sure there are better ones. What is the best approach method you think? Telling her that you are local there or tell that looking for a wife that you will bring outside of country? Thanks for your contributions in advance. I can speak a bit of rubles, euros, gryvnias, crowns, dollars, leis, zlotys, etc. Anyway, I don't see an issue with sharing the URL of a website unless ofcourse signing up on the website guarantee's girls waiting to pick you up at the airport. Thanks again for the reports.

Planning to visit Charmel soon and have some questions for the ones who have experience in them. I mean; what if I cummed in Th minute what should I do for the rest 45 minutes. Is it inc the hourly price or should I give extra for it? Their site is all in Russian. And I wonder what will happen if I call their number for reservation. The below address is in their site. But what is the door number? How should I go there? Russia is not like Europe so it makes me a bit nervous. We visited Friday's on Wednesday but it is no use being there with 4 guys, no time and no Russian.

We just enjoyed the dinner and left for our hotel. Did not see many people in there and the place gets closed at 10 pm. Overall the place was good. This is a late report but better late then never. Out of 4,3 of them opened their phone and only 1 of them could speak English well enough to communicate. She said she wasn't available and referred to another friend of hers. I called her friend she spoke English well and said she can come in an hour. For my first anal sex it wasn't that good, probably because she always seemed like she was in pain. You can find their profile here and my comment on the website as well.

She gained a bit of a weight but she was still energetic and smiling, great service. Price increased a bit, charging for an extra taxi fee. There was also another girl that I have found who didn't speak English but emailed in Russian. However after 40 email exchanges things didn't go as planned and I couldn't see her. Either I wasn't available or she wasn't. Google translate helped here a lot. Her email exchanges showed me she is trying to manage this herself. Being unable to see her seems unfortunate. All of these aside the most important thing for me this time was I was able to use metro and walk through the city.

I traveled mostly to Chekovskaya but we had time to walk around during lunch time. So I was able to see what normal people looked like on Metros, cafes, streets. I also had the time to visit Gorky park in the Thursday evening and it was a great atmosphere. People dancing with people they just met, many trying to chat with each other. It wasn't like any other park I have seen. No one in the group was interested in nightclubs but I found out that Nightlife was really close to where we work on Friday. After a week of confusion, happiness and mystifying girls we had to go back to my country.

The first 2 days I didn't feel that different but it has been a week now and I feel a change in my behavior. I like porn and sexy pictures of girls as much as the next guy however I have been reluctant to watch anything related to porn since I came back. I had a habit of trying to look at every girl around me however my habits also changed, now I am finding girls around me really average. It feels like I haven't seen a beautiful girl since I came back from Moscow. A waitress we saw at a restaurant in the middle of a park in Moscow would be considered extremely beautiful here in Turkey.

Most of the men we saw in Moscow didn't really look at the girls we considered beautiful. Now I feel like I'm doing the same thing here. I don't really know if this attitude is temporary however it feels like it won't go away. I'm considering learning Russian because business requires it but it seems hard. Anyway I just wanted to share it and hope this helps others as well. I will try to make a post for newcomers linking to well written posts so they know what to read before asking questions. Is that the one you fucked in the ass? How much you paid? Out of 4, 3 of them opened their phone and only 1 of them could speak English well enough to communicate.

My friend you had missed a lot of things. By the way it seems like opposite but for example Artemis Berlin can be more impressive than anywhere in Moscow Night Flight-Golden Girls. I am also Turkish and live in Istanbul. So understand you well. Day 1 I had a straight idea about the girls I wanted to visit in Moscow so made some research on rusdosug and mailed to Karina in the morning to make sure we can meet in the evening. She's got some positive feedback on the site so thought its going to be a great start of my trip.

Here come her links: Did so and was told to meet in front of an Adidas shop, can be found on Prospekt Mira Finding the place was relatively easy even if it is my first time here and I do not speak Russian at all. Not even a word. Anyway I was there and her girlfriend picked me up to guide me to an apartment in the neighborhood. The place was simple, the bathroom dark and messy but at least there were some variation of shower and gotten a clean towel. Good enough for an action. Actually the pictures Petite girl wanted for sex in tver the site are heavily photoshopped so divide it with 10 and that's Karina.

Bit bigger tummy as expected, boobs are small but okay, no surprise and the most important factor for me: But at this point the issue started. I believe she just bought a new iPad as when I arrived she just played with it and the box and the charger was on the table. Didn't even Petite girl wanted for sex in tver at me until the money was shown. The expression on her face was telling me: I thought I have felt time-pressure before with a girl but this was the real TP! Decided to punish her and drill that ass as hard as I can.

Normally my size makes me act slowly and tenderly but now I didn't even care if its going to be dry in that ass or painful for her. I think I succeed. There was a "little" uncomfort on her face when I gaped her plus was continuously grabbing the sheet as I drilled deeper and deeper. The conclusion of the night was not to judge by this as there can be many pretty one with better attitude. Generally speaking the devushkas are real beauties over here so I can't wait to go out and see them again tomorrow. Karina was good for a harsh anal action but that's all she can perform.

She was extremely small just like her statistics say. You can do anything with that body. Her face is nothing like that though. I normally can control myself and go on for a long period however nothing helped when I was in the ass so I came really quick. She left as soon as we were done. Speaking Russian would help a lot. Anything else you want to ask? I can actively give my contribute to the Moscow thread with a field report! Here's the event, pratically a disaster, but for the score still counting as a goal. After several calls in early morning, including Dolce Vita Salon with the expected result, I finally found a basic english speaking girl who answered the phone.

Lost in her struggled English and in my enthusiasm I took for granted the metro stop would have been Prospekt Mira. Got there and started walking and phoning the girl every kilometeractually it was less than a minute walk from Rizhskaya Metro, quite a long way from where I supposed it could be, I even trespassed it because the last number I could see was After taking an underpass and ending up in a sort of square without houses but just commercial businesses, I was ready to surrender. When I called her saying that if she didn't come to pick me up I'the quit, she gave the clue of adidas shop, to wait out there.

A taxi driver pointed it to me, he was quite smart, I'm sure he could have been of great help, unfortunately I didn't meet him 2 days ago and I would have left a few hours later. I was rescued by a pretty icy KGB agent, who came out from the courtyard looking for a man who would fit the given description, walked after me, we both understood we were each other's target, then came back saying with low voice something like 'Ia niet anglisky'. We walked to the place in silence, she checked that no spies noticed us and carefully let me in the building. Inside the nice flat, where one of the closed glass doors seemed to lead to another place, TV with minimum volume and whispered phrases to 'understand' what had happened to the expected Genya cell.

We agreed for 1 hour. She sent me for shower, as usual superfast for me, and then she disappeared 12 minutes o'clock for her own shower, during which I noticed the equipment: Miramistin, condoms, creams, different kinds of tissues, etc. She came back wrapped in a nice towel, which she didn't seem to want to get rid of. She started an icy BBBJ and complained when I wanted to move because my dick prefers to be blown from a face-to-face perspective, which also enables me to see the action. I thought she was shy and I didn't complain when very soon she improperly put the condom on slightly hurting me. I took her from behind and quickly understood that I wasn't allowed to touch her, nor boobs, nor pussy, nowhere.

I finished quickly and was left alone for another good 10 mins plus. When she came back I was wondering about the second pop, and I wasn't surprised when she gladly accepted my suggestion to use google translator from one of the 3 computers I could see in the room to have a sort of conversation with infos. She showed me her ad, [url]http: I believed her when I noticed that there wasn't a pic with a smile, because her front teeth are quite yellowish with a couple of brown stains, detail that had made me accept willingly the shortness of the BBBJ. Somehow I convinced her to go for it, reassuring her I'the be watching somewhere else. Maybe one minute, then condom, again badly put, and same position.

This time I wasn't even allowed to hold her by the hips, which I wanted to do also because she was always trying to sneak away for being penetrated as less as possible. I pulled out to adjust the condom and she hugely complained. I understood by the handling of creams that I had been blamed for touching the condom with my naked fingers. Maybe she had surgery gloves among her stuff and I didn't notice them? I was informed I had less than 10 minutes left, and that the timing, obviously, starts as soon as you enter the flat, good deal for some 25 minutes shower time.

My dick decided before me that it was enough. She 'said' I could go for shower, I hope she understood my gesturing that my time might have run out while I wasn't fully dressed and therefore I was risking to be kicked out half naked. Perhaps if I had started making a mess she would have behaved differently, since no noise was supposed to be heard by counterespionage, but I didn't even care. No need to warn you guys to keep away from Paulina, but since this was my first, only and probably last shot in Moscow, I don't regret it, considering that bad encounters have happened and will happen everywhere. I've seen plenty of girls I would have felt ashamed to lay and even touch for any amount, many times I didn't feel at ease because I was the only one overtwisting his neck to watch those stunners while nobody else seemed to mind them.

WanderTheWorld, as you can see, I shared the same feelings about turning my head to admire beauties among unminding Russian folks. But Stravinsky's says it all, I can't help joining him and ask you and Kaboca: Did you at least enjoy watching the stars on the ceiling, since for sure you weren't taken to the sky by the girls? If I had a justification for ending up there, you 2 don't, ahahahah! Yummy, I bet my ass it was with condom, probably Paulina would like to put 2! Was speaking several words in English and seemed to be a nice girl but I didn't even think about to take her! Bit ugly for my standards. Now it is proven for all the fellows here to avoid these girls.

But again, I think let into the flat was easy as we walked together there. I noticed those stars and clouds on the ceiling. But actually the only sign of being close to the heaven. It was a business trip and we were staying at Eridan previously so going to Azimut was a step forward for us. I was at the top floor so I'd have enjoyed the stars if I wasn't so tired or if there was a sight of a star to see from bed. In order to profit they made the rooms so small that you'd have hard time walking past the bed to the desk. How I ended with polina is that I made a call to her friend who is here.

When I looked at her comments on rusdosug I didn't see anything and I was the unlucky guy to make the first comment. I don't really know how to find the same girl in intimcity. Nl so I couldn't look her up. If I had a way of linking a girl I find on rusdosug with a girl on intimcity. Nl I wouldn't have called her is there a way? I never intended to call her in the first place so I remember reading your report and since I wasn't going to call her, I didn't take any notes. Of course with condoms, she is really bad at placing them, kinda hurts when she does it. Even if she smiled the photographer would have made her look like an angel. How did you not like her ass though? I think if it was any smaller we'd both have a hard time.

After 5 mins of slow penetration I was moving normally as I should but then it was too much for me to handle. Saw your reviews at the site, please write a review for each of the girls you see. Searching for girls with "verified by admins" doesn't do much for getting an idea of her real looks, almost every girl is verified. I don't think rusdosug admins care much about us then they care about the WGs, they probably have some connection to them. I have added a couple of guys on rusdosug site who have made good and bad reviews of the girls, the girls they report are much better than trying to find through the search mechanism.

Day 2 I planned to warm up the day with Nastya found on rusdosug: So in the morning I visited the main tourist spots just to make myself thinking about something else than girls, but. Those short skirts and long legs are killing me. God bless Russian devuskas! It went smooth, really good English, not a strong accent at all and after we finished the conversation was messaging me the address within a minute. Went back to my accommodation and as it was not that far from my place decided to walk there.

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