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It reminds you that a steamy sex scene with full nudity isn't always necessary to make a point.

I chose the movie based entirely on the description and poster, something I never do any more as my time is too precious to gamble on a bad movie. There are a couple of fully-clothed "humping" scenes in this movie but it's all fairly innocent and unobtrusive. Lastly, I found it interesting that the movie seems to take place in a world populated mostly by Caucasians. I started checking my phone at the half-hour mark and never really engaged again after that but I didn't turn it off either.

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Films made before the ratings ikdb came into play in the late 60s or so had to rely on technique rather than bared skin to convey Escoft tension. I found the first 20 minutes or so enticing; the cast was attractive, the dialog crisp, the acting sit-com level or higher and since it opened with a woman having "specialty" sex and the male lead tramping around, it seemed like a film that was going to have an edge to it. What really sold me on this film, and has kept me thinking about it for days, was the soundtrack. It's not a common practice any more and I have no qualms about showing sexuality and nudity, it's just intriguing when it ISN'T shown, especially in a film that is ostensibly about a woman who sells her sexuality for a living.

I'm also intrigued by films that are focused on sex but don't actually include any sexual content. Not since the 80s or 90s can I think of a movie where I was so intrigued by the music playing underneath scenes and transitions, and the way it flavored my experience of this film. Sign in to vote.

It's not something I really thought about until I saw this movie; the idea that these people dwell downtown but rarely encounter any racial or gender, for that matter diversity seems odd. It's not a judgment call, I'm wasn't offended, just intrigued In downtown LA a young woman is earning her keep as a high-priced sexual escort and a young aspiring writer has lost his job and is looking for a good story. I was looking for something in the vein of a Sebastian Gutierrez indie flick. I was rewarded with a pleasant, if unremarkable, film that I'd definitely recommend, but for reasons other than the obvious ones.

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I've spent a lot of time in downtown LA and thereabouts and with the imd photography and soundtrack the filmmakers really got the "feel" of the area right. They form a partnership where he gets his story about her in return for watching over her while she deals with unsavory men, and if you can't guess what happens next this is probably the first movie you've ever seen. It's not as easy a thing to do as one might imagine; making a film that accurately portrays a location isn't as simple as just planting a camera there, you have to get the feel of it right.

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