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Those stories were written way before my time, but they were timeless and they taught me a lot about black womanhood, how to be authentic and to speak your truth. That was my goal for this. I wanted it to be very honest and true, and I wanted it to inspire people. During your talk at the American Writers Museum, you mentioned how books make things visible. The new anthology affirms that we do need reflections of ourselves, because it heals us and allows us to see ourselves wholly. I was like, this is me. I was looking for advice in becoming a young woman, trying to understand my mother and to put words into my life in a way that I could feel a calmness.

Sometimes people really need healing. This idea of being well read, at times, can sound elitist, and I think anyone who picks up a book and enjoys it and gets gratification and can share it in constructive conversation is well read.

Toni Morrison without question is the queen mother of all literary greatness, and I feel like her work just has a reverence to it where you respect it and you want to study it, but you also have this feeling of admiration. Her words are just filled with so much truth when it comes to the black experience, and her intellect is so profound. I love me some Toni Morrison. She is just perfect.

Com Blackgirlonline

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