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Allen and Lenalee

The Sol of Millennium. Kanda is found by Met Tiedoll, who proposes he become a ring in file to zip Central's prime.

Mana is met as an Akuma for and cuts Allen's prime eye. This file him prime what met to "the Si they met in".

Some have shown to even be able to darken their sclera. Graj Mikk has showed a intermediary form with a brown skin between the traditional greyish and his human skin color. When submerged by his memory, Tyki Mikk has black blood. When a Noah reawakens his body is reborn down to his cells, making them superhumans. They then age slower and keep young bodies for a long time.

The earl is shaken by this reveal and at this moment Nea is captured by the talismans of two finders. The earl pierces the head of the finder with appendages from his hand and sucks up his soul, causing his body to dissolve into tiny balls. The earl does not want to be seen with his human face so he does the exact same thing to the other finder. He then attacks Nea who continues to taunt him about being Mana. However Nea is rescued by Howard Link and his spells. Link manages to restrain the earl and takes Nea away. Nea attempts to impersonate Allen Walker in front of him but Link states that he can sense his lust for blood.

Link heals Nea's wounds with Atuuda but as he is exposed Nea reveals his true nature and threatens Link. Link reveals that Malcolm C. Lvellie and Cross Marian made a deal and that he has come to protect the fourteenth. He realizes that he is alone, and this is not reality. He recalls Cross Marian's words and concludes This is a world made from the memories of the fourteenth, he has been swalled by the conciousness of Nea. Allen reverts to his child appearance and Cross Marian appears before him and tells him this is his final destination. Cross explains that Allen will soon fade away in this world and Allen replies that he wants to know more about Nea, and he might be able to change something.

Cross confesses that he is gratefulto Allen for becoming the host and he doesn't want him to suffer so he advises him to accept his fate and not to resist. Encouraged by these memories, Allen refuses Cross advice and claims that even if he loses himself, he won't break his oath to Mana. He will keep walking forward.

With that, Allen resumes his current appearance. Upon these words, Cross smiles and gives one last advice to Allen: Cross disappears and Gfay wonders if he was an illusion or if he was real. Road Kamelot in her dream worlds says that what she did was a mistake. She warns Nea that Allen is dangerous and adds to Cross to stay asleep. A golem named Ur-Canpy is preceding her. Lucia, breathless, informs the woman that Bookman has woken up. In his rematch with Tyki, Allen transforms his left arm into a sword that exorcises evil. Before his death, Nea implanted his memories in Allen so he would be reborn. He is sought by his former comrades and the Noah.

Allen man wiki D gray

Meanwhile, the Millennium Earl holds a dinner with several strange humans with golden eyes and crosses on their foreheads, one of which is a young girl with spiky dark hair, Road Kamelot. Once there, they see a woman named Miranda Lotto being attacked by an Akuma demanding the location of Innocence. They believe that she is somehow linked to the strange phenomenon of the town. Miranda tells them about her awkward and unhappy life until she found empathy with an abandoned and unwanted grandfather clock. They then see the clock appear to rewind time during the night.

To lift her spirits, Allen and Lenalee tell Miranda stories of their past. Meanwhile Road Kamelot has been watching their every move and hears that the clock is the Innocence. To prove herself different from regular humans, Road stabs herself with Allen's Innocence, only to recover right in front of him. She stabs Allen in the cursed eye, and tries to kill Miranda, but Allen rescues her, exhausting his energy. When Miranda tries to protect him from Road, the Innocence within her is activated, creating a protective barrier around Miranda, Allen and Lenalee, giving them time to recover.

Production[ edit ] Manga author Katsura Hoshino incorporated several elements of her one-shot title, Zone, into D. Gray-man was sent to Shueisha by manga author Katsura Hoshino on a nonspecified date. She had mixed feelings about writing the series, since she had been offered other jobs such as developing video games. However, Shueisha liked the draft and the staff asked Hoshino to go ahead with the series believing it would be popular in She had originally intended to write a story about zombies, but was discouraged by her editor T-shi and decided to abandon the idea during the third chapter. Asked about her inspiration for writing about the supernaturalHoshino said that she feared it after seeing the film, The Exorcist.

Although the horror film frightened her, it inspired the author to design the manga's Akuma. After conceiving the Ark's role in the series, Hoshino decided to write a song when Allen is rebuilding it through a piano. She requested help from her editor, a university graduate, but decided to use her own lyrics. She then asked him to consider what "the world" means to him, explaining that as her comrade, she considered him an important part of her "world", and cannot stand losing him. This recollection would lead to Lenalee finally beating Eshi and Allen truly understanding his Innocence.

By the time of their reunion and imprisonment in Noah's Ark, Lenalee and Allen had come to understand each other very well, with Lenalee freeing Allen from his guilt of failing to save Suman, and accepting his decision to return and find Kanda and Krory.

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