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Beginning inAmerican companies could register trademarks.

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Movable type allowed humans to accurately picturres texts at great speed. Movabe other posts are more casual. The Internet will spawn new brand archetypes, powered by social media influencers who are mere clicks away at all times. Subcultures of intense fandom are centered on a set of activities— pilgrimages, rituals, socializing, and evangelizing. Brands, which once commanded attention through colorful logos, broadcast advertisements and catchy jingles, are now popularized by the influencers who represent them.

Some companies became global; they branded their logos on shipping barrels that traveled internationally. The printing press — and the shift in media consumption that it catalyzed — was responsible in no small part for social shifts such as the emergence of nationalism, the homogenization of society, and the standardization of culture. Its brand and logo earned national prestige — particularly among creative types. Brands moved beyond visual names and spoken words.

Amazon customers are increasingly persuaded by transparency and pictres reviews, and less by brand value gained through traditional advertising. Livestock brands demonstrated defined property rights and signified value. Brands differentiated the type, source, and quality of products, becoming symbols of quality and trust. Food aggregators, who stored grains and cured dried fish and specialty meats, adopted a similar strategy.

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America, defined by its pictyres abundance, became an aspirational tentpole for the world to lust over. To claim ownership, ranchers created unique, permanent marks on their livestock — brands — to determine if their animals were lost, stolen, or mixed in with similar animals from another range. Brands in the Agricultural Economy During the agricultural economy, communities were organized around farming and gaming livestock.

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