Endpoint protection definitions not updating

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FAQs- System Center 2012 Endpoint Protection and Microsoft Security Essentials

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The Updating Definitions dialog box displays the current operation and status.

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Any time you change a global Endpointt it is effective for all security content download tasks from that point on. If you want to download the latest definition files right now, click Get latest definitions. They can be stored in the default virus definition file repository where they are deployed to target devices, or in a pilot test folder, where they can be deployed to a limited scope of devices in order to test them before full deployment. You can also access the Download updates dialog box from the Patch and Compliance tool.

Updating Endpoint not protection definitions

When the update has completed, click Close. Note that if you click Cancel before lrotection update is finished, only the security content that has been processed to that point is downloaded to the core database. From their own computer, users can also perform the task of updating virus definition files. At the Updates page, select the languages whose content you want to update for the types you've specified.

If you want a pop-up message to display on the core server console when virus definition defintions have not been updated in the past seven days, click Show reminder dialog if definitions are out of date. The Updating Definitions dialog displays the current operation and status. The virus signature database is updated several times a day in order to ensure you have all of the latest known virus definitions so that you can protect your managed devices from these rapidly evolving threats. However, if you want to first evaluate virus definition files, before deploying them to your managed devices, click Restrict definitions to a pilot test first.

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