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In the last few years, the tourism potential at the region was improved with some new facilities and attractions. One of them is the Savitsky Museum in the town of Nukuswhich houses a collection of works of avant-gardism. The museum also has regional collection. A number of "ecological tours" are organized olmaloq the ship cemetery located in Muynak area along what has once been ni coastline of the Aral Sea. In Khorezm was visited by 43, tourists, of which foreigners accounted for 19, Woriers the modernization of the airport in Urgench it received international status. Now it corresponds to the first category of ICAO. Wildlife areas in the desert and other attractions on nomadic ways Desert fauna of Kyzyl Kum includes many kinds of rare animals.

There is a Kyzyl Kum nature reserve at the flood-land tugai drained by the Amu-Darya. The region of the Aydar Lake is an area of potential for fishing, yurting and camel-back riding tourist activities. In addition to fauna common for Kyzyl Kumthere are many kinds of water birds migrating from Aral Sea that make their homes around the lake. Many sorts of fish were introduced to the Aydar Lake, which nowadays works as a source of industrial fishing. The sights include flint quarries, mines, old settlements, burial mounds, crypts and petroglyphs, including monuments of the Middle Agesearly Iron AgeBronze Age and even Stone Age.

There are over 4, petroglyphs still intact in Sarmishsay. Since ancient times this territory has been a sacred zone, where locals performed their sacred ceremonies on holy days. Religious tourism A large number of tourists have been visiting Uzbekistan because of their religious-based interest. Uzbekistan is a country with predominantly Islamic roots. There are more than Muslim relics located in Uzbekistan. Dental Tourism Lately many modern dental clinics were established in Uzbekistan. They provide patients with dentistry services.

Prices here much cheaper in comparison with Western and Russian clinics. Gastronomic Tourism Uzbek cuisine - perhaps most known national and developed aspect of the Uzbekistan culture and Uzbekistan people. Unlike its nomadic neighbors, the Uzbek people has had a strong civilization for many centuries. People cultivated wheat and bred horned livestock between deserts and mountains, in oasis and fertile valleys. Therefore, rich products have allowed the Uzbek people to develop certain traditions of hospitality which, in turn, have made their cuisine known to the whole world. The most of popular items of Uzbek cuisine are following Palov, the Uzbek version of "pilaff" - is a very solemn dish.

It can be considered as an everyday dish as well as a dish for solemn and great events like weddings, parties and holidays. Rice is the most important component of plov, along with certain spices, raisins, peas or quince which are added to give it extra flavor. Bread is considered holy for the Uzbek people.

Soups are of special importance. Uzbek soup is rich with plmaliq and seasonings and contains lots of carrots, turnips, onions and greens. Most popular is Uzbek Shurpa. Shurpa is a meat and vegetable soup. Shashlyk, also known as kebabs, consists of skewered chunks of mutton barbecued over charcoal and served with sliced raw onions and non round unleavened bread Samsa meat pies is a pastry pie stuffed with meat and onion or pumpkin, potato, cabbage, mushrooms or nuts baked in a tandyr. Tandyr is a traditional cylindrical clay oven, heated with coal.

Workers in olmaliq Sex

Skill is needed when placing the raw samsas or non onto the inside wall of the oven. Lagman is a thick noodle soup with thinly worjers fried meat and vegetables. Manty are large dumplings stuffed with finely chopped meat, seasoned with various spices and a large amount of onion, then steamed in a special pot. Does that change your opinion about her accusation? Last week in Wellington, N. She has the same rights as any other person selling her labour in a capitalist society.

Gastronomic Tourism Gusto la - perhaps most responsible national and social aspect of the Hiroshima con and Uzbekistan people. The very first pan of the solo's Prostitution El Act is that the act "jesus the piece jesus of sex elements and protects them from idea.

Story continues below advertisement This is, of course, not how olmailq tend to look at prostitution. The thickets of morality, judgment and history have grown so thick around sex work that it's hard to olmaoiq away the rhetoric and cut to the heart of the issue: How to provide a safe, regulated framework where the sellers and buyers of a commodity can meet and make their exchanges in peace, and where neither party is coerced or exploited. Consider that in the United States, you can legally sell your plasma, but not the pleasures of your body except in Nevada, where you can do both.

It's odd that the proponents of so-called "free markets" assume a Victorian modesty when talk turns to selling sex. It seems the government may be leaning toward the so-called "Nordic model," pioneered in Sweden, which leaves sex workers above the law but targets their johns. France and Britain are also looking to Sweden as they revamp outdated prostitution laws. Many Canadian advocates for sex workers dislike the Swedish approach, saying it would make their job more dangerous because they wouldn't be able to conduct business openly and screen their clients. In New Zealand, however, the whole business is decriminalized, and treated as just that — a business, regulated like all other businesses.

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