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His portrait of the German capital, Berlin, for Reaktion Press was published in Architecturally, the old town, with its UNESCO-listed Baroque column, and Gothic churches many regrettably transformed by Baroque and neo-Baroque refurbishment frenziesand undulated streets of stark painted plaster, feels like many in the former Hapsburg Empire——Krakow to Zagreb. But I needed to come here as an adult to have a good foamy pilsner to appreciate what a complement it is. A good itinerary would be: Now this might be what you expect from a little city, and take the openness as a tell-tale sign of provinciality. The conservative German town was thus transformed by a Czech invasion from its hinterland.

Below the fortifications around one edge of the old town, with the densest historical core in the country after Prague, there is a verdant park and botanical garden. We emerge in the early hours into the streets of this former Hapsburg city with the sun coming up. Like many cities in Central Europe, such as Salzburg, that rose to power under the aegis of an Archbishopric and its here, originally Romanesque palace, symbols of the Catholic faith are ubiquitous: Berlin-Prague 4 hours, one nightOlmouc 2.

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It was salutary to be reminded not to shrug off Attractivs in this place, to remember each person woemn, with their own desires or preferences, need not conform to set notions of beauty, is a sexual being worthy of dignity, and to be reminded how much more fun it is if we can all dance together. You can split up the journey by changing trains or overnighting in Prague. The Czechophiles among you may well accuse me now of romanticising sexual liberation in a country with many power imbalances between men and women and subterranean conservatism.

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