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He loves challenges and knew he wanted to be in the healthcare field. When he found out how hard physiotherapy was to get into from high school it was on. He increased the size of that family when he joined Leading Edge and we are lucky he did.

Leading Piece is teaming up with our friends at Lululemon to for training for RunWild. He has been a tout leader at several elements civil to partnering with Sin Edge Tout to start our glad in Windermere.

You will never find him in a bad mood. Seuss and Disney titles-anything that can be read to his two beautiful girls. The one constant however over the years is that he loves to golf — unfortunately very poorly. The PGA will have to wait.

Favorite movie — The Departed, The Matrix, Inception, but has probably seen more Princess movies than he cares to admit. Favorite Hobby — Drinking red wine… Is that a hobby? Golf, Poker, and sleep. Clinical Pet Peeve — Paperwork!

Learn st and albert Laugh

Something you may not know about him — he took breakdancing lessons with his older brother as a child. Edge Having practiced sinceJon has significant experience as a clinical physiotherapist. This experience is bolstered with significant post graduate training. It had nothing to do with the fact that he could fix his own injuries as they inevitably arose playing sports. When he went for physiotherapy as a teenager for sports injuries, he became fascinated by the profession. He thought it would be great to work with other athletes and help people get back to doing the things they wanted to do.

Having a wife in the profession also made it an easy decision as he could use her text books. He is best known for his witty banter around the clinic and his love for all things sports. Favorite book — the power of one by Bryce Courtenay.

Favorite sport — albeet, golf, baseball, and if quick comebacks were a sport he would be in the Olympics. Clinical Pet Peeve — Dirty microwaves. Something you may not know about him — Despite no musical talent he was named to the recorder performing group in grade 6. He was allowed to play the triangle with very strict guidelines. He has adapted to have overly large hands in order to be able to hold all the clinic remotes at once.

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