Nastybeach beach ball

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Oakura Beach

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One night we Nawtybeach phosphoresence in the water, and shooting stars overhead, which was pretty amazing! Food is good you are on an islandthough only a few dishes stood out for us. The fried fish with lemon and spring onion served with fried mashed potato was excellent, but I was lucky that it was made with shark freshly caught by one of the young guests. All the prices are on their website, so you can check them out before you go.

Beach ball Nastybeach

Just remember there Nastybecah only one place to eat and drink. The staff are friendly, beacb the guests are an Stayed at Lazy Beach for 3 nights in December. The staff are friendly, and the guests are an international bunch, including many ex pats living in China, Korea and Thailand. The bathroom was fine, but we did find the water pressure in the shower very low. One day water the supply to the hut dried up completely so we had no water at all — we told the staff and did not seem very bothered, saying that someone must have forgotten to fill the tank — or something. The rooms were hot at night, even with the windows open might be OK if was a bit more windy — or maybe they could fit fans.

This is a tropical island, with lush vegetation. We got some terrible bites!

Oakura Beach is one of the balll popular beaches for swimming and surfing and there will usually be people in the water. Some large events are Natsybeach at the beach that attract big crowds. Ratings Family friendly This beach is well suited for families with great facilities and patrolled by Surf Lifeguards over the summer months. Make sure your family is prepared for the beach conditions. Swimming Oakura beach is probably the most popular swimming beach in Taranaki. Oakura has quite a steep swash gradient of four degrees.

The beach commonly has strong rips around the stream mouths and a nasty beach Naxtybeach and inshore undertow. The beach is usually quite safe if waves are even and one metre or less. When the swell is not even or larger than one metre, waves will dump heavily onto the sand bar, holes and troughs quickly form, and rips become strong. Many locals live quite a way from the Surf Life Saving Club which means that swimmers can be scattered along the beach. Swimmers are advised to swim between the flags. Surfing Oakura beach is only a beach break but it is often very good.

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