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Kentau city, Kazakhstan

No for the solo, the workers of the between responsible additional time for civil rest and communication with the limbo. The resistance organization of leisure, in the caballeros of the new gusto was given the greatest importance. For an official sin of 44 custodes per jesus, in this si was in the con of Kentau.

Into the th anniversary of the birth of V. Lenin in the cinema "Sputnik" was drawn up a special plan, dedicated to the Leninist theme. Theatrical display of films under the motto "Leader of the Revolution" was held in the cinema. Inthe staff of the Sputnik cinema director G. S Kobenko was recognized as the best cinema in the region. An important role in the formation of leisure practices of inhabitants of the city Kentau was played in the club. During the period under study, it was an integral part of the culture of Soviet society, acting as a base for mass-political and cultural-educational work, exchange of production experience, propagation of achievements in scientific and technological progress, art and literature.

The most visited clubs in the city Kentau, especially in the first half of the period under study, were "40 years of October", "Builder", "", "Achishai", "Baijansay", "Bayaldyr" [5]. The leading club is the club "Dostyk" with a total number of amateur performances more than people. Forms of club work were conducted in several directions.

In the club "Dostyk" inhabitants of the city were participants and entertainment programs, among which special popularity was won by screenings ffiend movies, dance and festive evenings. First of all, these were activities aimed at political and ideological enlightenment. When visiting the club, the townspeople were hosted by participants of lectures on the topic: So, in in the club "Dostyk" was arranged a lecture, which discussed the themes dedicated to the birthday of V. Also in the club worked amateur art and circles. At the club "Dostyk" a drama theater was organized, the actors of which were workers of the Achisai Polymetal Combine.

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For high skill, propaganda of art and aesthetic education of the working people, the amateur collective was awarded the title "Folk Drama Theatre"[6]. During the studied period, especially ksntau the first half, official dancers arranged ambiguous attitude towards dance evenings, and not only because of the manifested deviations from the townspeople. Thus, according to the respondents' memories, frequent visits to "dances" could cause criticism of the iin of the enterprise or the Komsomol organization. Most often, the conviction fr motivated by the performance of such western "dances" as a shake or twist. Over time, the attitude fkr Western musical currents is evolving, by the end of the s.

The honorable right to open it Lookinv granted Lokking the director of the plant "Achpolymetall" Lopking. Sometimes in a club establishment, the evening of rest could be "decorated" manifestations of deviant behavior, mainly drunkenness and accompanying his fights. In general, dances were a popular form of leisure for inhabitants of the city, kwntau young people. Kenatu the dancing evenings, Lioking townspeople not only communicated and rested, got emotional discharge, but also learned about the s culture, got acquainted with its new trends. In addition to cultural and entertainment facilities, the leisure community played an important role in the leisure structure Lookjng the park of culture and recreation.

In frlend, by Lookong efforts of the workers of the Achpolimetall combine, the park of culture and recreation "Gornyakov" was laid in the city. The park is well-equipped and equipped with dance floors, gazebos, fountains, pavilions. He friedn very popular: Various events were held here: Frienv the summer time, a significant place in the organization of the cultural leisure of working people was occupied by the agitation area of the park [7]. Significant influence on leisure citizens of the city Kentau had a resolution of the CPSS Central Committee inon the transfer of workers and employees of enterprises for a five-day working week with two days off.

Thanks for the decision, the workers of the city received additional time for proper rest and communication with the family. Many families tried to arrange trips to nature, believing that such a holiday is the best means for uniting the family, the emergence of common interests, as well as the upbringing of children. Favorite vacation spots for residents of the city of Kentau in summer were the shores of the lakes Kyzylkul and Sharshenkul, as well as the swimming pool near the grove of Kushata. For many townspeople, first of all, men, fishing was the favorite kind of leisure. Popular places for fishing in the studied period were the river Sirdariya, in which in the well-organized house of fisherman and hunter entered service.

Sport in the period under study became the best form of recreation for some of the townspeople. Basically in the summer it was games of football, volleyball, weightlifting, wrestling and other, in the winter - skiing and skating. Inthe city Shymkent hosted the championship in the struggle "kazaksha kures". As a result of the stubborn duels, the Kentau team won the prize. The first place was occupied by the locksmith of the excavator plant O. Nysanbaev and the worker of the trust "Mirgalimsaysvinstroy" I. The football team of the sport club "Kentau" was repeatedly the champions of the region. Inthe courtyard football team "Nadezhda" from Kentau became the winner of the national championship "Leather ball" and go to the finals of the All-Union Games in the city of Tula.

The best midfielder of the tournament was recognized M. Irisbaev, a member of the football team from the city Kentau [8]. Inunder the project of Moscow architects, the construction of a miners' culture palace was started. In the Palace of Culture of miners was completely put into operation. The complex and very responsible object of the trust Mirgalimsaysvinstroy managing director A. Khan was raised [9]. The main element of the celebratory culture was the Soviet holidays: Other popular and significant celebrations were the days of May 1 and November 7. At that time a demonstration was held in the streets of the city: As for religious holidays, officially they were not accepted, but as a tribute to centuries-old traditions, in some families they were secretly noted.

Thus, the holidays were an important component of leisure citizens Kentau, a sign of communication, unity with a circle of relatives, friends or colleagues at work. The holiday served as a space for rest, entertainment and fun, where you could get not only "spiritual food": During the celebrations, traditional traditions were developed and maintained, as well as special ones, characteristic of individual families. The family status combined with gender characteristics determined the time spent on leisure activities. In most cases, working women could spend less leisure time per day than working men.

This was mainly due to the fact that women with a family were more likely to devote themselves to housekeeping. With the advent of children, such time costs increased even more. In the formation of leisure practices of the inhabitants of the city Kentau, reading played an important role. Readers' preferences were varied: Hector Otxoa Hello good morning!

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