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Continue Reading Below Advertisement Finding that this is a reasonable method of advertising, he'd also run holiday specials, like free debauchery for serviceman over Thanksgiving bring your own "stuffing" jokes. The gist of the service is you get washed from head to toe while you sit in a special chair that lets your bits hang free so they can get a good grip on them. They have dozens of these videos recorded. Once inside, you quickly decide if you want to be a top or a bottom. It's not fast poon, it's good poon fast!

It also features a hotel, several bars and a pizza delivery service which, honestly, has us clicking around for plane tickets.

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Ufck sex club is like nothing you have ever seen before. We're not about to make any jokes at the expense of the French military fighting prowess or their skills at achieving victory and not surrendering, but if we were, we'd make them Asx such a way as to suggest a whole army of Frenchmen were apparently too busy getting the clap to bother saving their own asses from, say, the Nazis. This sex club is like nothing you have ever seen before. Not that the clap isn't wonderful, it's just that much sweeter if you can get it during peace time.

The brothel has won Australian Adult Industry Awards, something we assume was made up by the brothel itself, and features not just sex for money, but pinball, pool tables and a friggin' jukebox. Like the first 50 servicemen to come to his brothel after coming home from Iraq would get free tang and for the next 50 days, it was half off for all the rest.

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