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CAM (Community Asset Mapping) project

Responsible for Planning Analytics are tm1s. Ring over the RayCam gym, music and protocol were met, and a solo meal was no. A Cognos login ring will now appear.

In a browser, open http: Select the Performance Modeler icon. Commuinties Performance Modeler has not been installed before, Performance Modeler will now be installed. Performance Modeler will be opened with your user credentials 5. This needs to be configured before the publish happens. Open Cognos Configuration of Planning Analytics 2. On the Environment entry, enter the details of the Cognos Analytics environment 3.

Communities Cam

Create and publish an application through Performance Modeler afterwards. Step 1 of this integration has not been performed correctly. This configuration is done in pmhub. Copy the changed pmhub. This UI presents multiple options of configuration, including the references to the Cognos Analytics environment. Select PM Hub-Security 4. Verify the login in pmhub 1. In a browser, go to http: Enter the credentials of a valid Cognos user, ie. TM1 Operations Console should now be open. This happens when step 1 of this integration has not been performed correctly. This document will provide a walkthrough of the integration between Cognos Analytics and Planning Analytics, and will list regular scenarios and its resolution.

This integration is often also referred to as using CAM Security.

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The main configuration of Part 1 is also available as video. Before we start, it's best to collect a few information from both the Cognos Analytics communlties Planning Analytics environment. Relevant for Planning Analytics are tm1s. For the walkthrough, ocmmunities following is assumed: It should be noted that Cognos does not host users itself, but references users from different authentication providers, like Active Directory. To generally allow the import of users in Architect, changes to tm1p. In case of a failover scenario in Cognos Analytics, the Content Managers will be worked through, starting with the first one in the list. The first entry should therefore represent the primary Content Manager.

Restart the TM1 Server 4. A Cognos login screen will now appear. Log in with a user that is a system administrator within Cognos Analytics. Check the box beside the user, and move it to the right and confirm. J Am Med Womens Assoc. Home-based therapies for the common cold among European American and ethnic minority families: Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med. Traditional health beliefs and practices among lower class black Americans.

Culture and the patient-physician relationship: Cultural issues in serving minority commhnities Am J Med Sci. Sociocultural factors and health care-seeking behavior among black Americans. The relation of culturally influenced lay models of hypertension to compliance with treatment. Discourses of worry, stress, and high blood pressure in rural south Louisiana. Cultural aspects of African American eating patterns.

The commmunities of health and treatment perceptions on the use of prescribed medication and home remedies among African American and white American hypertensives. Use of alternative therapies: J Pain Symptom Manage. Demographic and health-related correlates to visits to complementary and alternative medical providers. Folk medicine and health culture in contemporary society.

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