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He survived but was captured by the Japanese. Brother Rat William C. She specializes in adult education and is a most qualified and professional teacher. After repairs, the Walke was assigned to the invasion of Okinawa, where we stayed until the war was over. Joanie and I will attend this wedding in Charleston, West Virginia, and I rejoice in the fact that it is happening to this lovely young woman.

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Is America great or what? I last saw him at the grernville Reunion. When we visited inTommy and Jerry had acquired an old but gracious farm home and were remodeling. I last saw him at the 65th Reunion, where he gave the blessing at our class dinner.

I was able to contact his retirement home, and they took him to a hospital, where he remains. His accomplishments at the University of Virginia include head of the Division of Surgical Oncology — the first director for outreach education at the UVa Cancer Center. Together with grandsons, they played golf at the legendary Pinehurst golf resort. Jeff Accordingly, each Sunday, Monus took It is Monus who stirs my memory of how humiliating it must have been for him a solitary position in Washington Arch, each Sunday.

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