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on Once the other defendants left Ettrick St, Ruffell was no longer with them and therefore did not assist them in inverrcargill plans at Stadium Southland. Justice Dunningham told the jury she invercsrgill show them how to navigate their options, but the final decision was entirely theirs. Before the jury members retired at 1pm to consider their verdicts, Justice Dunningham suggested they take as much time as they needed to decide. New dairy factories have opened around the Southland Region, as well as more efficient meat processing works and research and development facilities.

The trust has also been influential in the development of city facilities such as the ILT Stadium Southland and Invercargill Velodrome. The trust are also big-time backers of local sporting franchises the Southern SteelSouthland Sharks and Southland Stags.

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It is widely recognised as one of New Zealand's leading community trusts, with the benefit of a large ingercargill base for a relatively small population. Textign, the Trust provides significant funding to a wide range of projects and programmes. Brewing[ edit ] Invercargill is home to Invercargill Brewerythe southernmost manufacturer of beer in New Zealand. Established in it is an internationally award-winning production brewery which also contract brews for other iconic New Zealand breweries, including Yeastie Boys.

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Tourism[ edit ] Invercargill has a growing tourism sector. The main streets of Invercargill: Rail links[ edit ] Invercargill is at the southern end of the Main South Line railway, which extends up the east coast to Christchurch and Lyttelton via Dunedin. It was the first town in New Zealand to have a steam locomotive and had the first railway in the country[ citation needed ]. Though once the centre of a much larger rail network, over the years, this has diminished.

For people born overseas who are now living in Invercargill City, the most common birthplace was England, invercartill England is the most common overseas birthplace for all of New Zealand. New Zealand Sign Language is used by less than one percent of people in Invercargill City, compared with less than one percent of people for all of New Zealand. Total population figures are for the census usually resident population count. This data has been randomly rounded to protect confidentiality. Individual figures may not add up to totals, and values for the same data may vary in different text, tables, and graphs.

Relationship status Total population aged 15 years and over Qualifications Total population aged 15 years and over In Invercargill City,

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