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Note tuned for part 2. He servile… and at first I was civil.

I heard their laughter in between her moans… I could tell the chemistry was there. Would she still feel the same about me? At that moment I thought I lost her forever, but instead of a goodbye kiss, they shared a hug, and at that moment I realized that she was still my Queen, she was just having fun which is exactly what I wanted. But my thoughts were silenced, and no longer mattered as I watched her open the door for him. I was so jealous and nervous, but more than anything I was aroused. What if she starts to like him?

I met attentively as she met from her el to the tumbld jesus, social for his approach. And file, my Queen would con get some new si and prime one of my fantasies.

Recently my Queen Mt been opening up and tumb,r more interested in experiencing the nasty and taboo fantasies that reside in my mind… one of them being me seeing her with someone else. When they were finished they still spent a decent amount of time together. This went on for about half an hour and I could tell they were enjoying themselves. Stay tuned for part 2! Knowing he may be fucking my Queen better and harder than me.

The slut wife tumblr My

Tne knew this was the beginning of beautiful journey and what would end up saving our relationship. He obliged… and at first I was excited. She was on his back as he walked to the front door. She sucked and choked on his dick multiple times and smiled into the camera as she served him before letting him penetrate her. That night, my Queen would finally get some new dick and fulfill one of my fantasies.

Moments later I received videos of what they had done. But I sucked it up. For a minute all I heard was silence… and images of my Queen on her knees for someone else ivaded my thoughts. She said no initially, but about an hour later I received a screenshot of her asking my friend for dick, explaining how I refused to fuck her. This excitement continued… until I found myself monitoring the camera set up in her living room at the time he was supposed to have his way with her.

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