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"Zoom just works off the bat. It has transformed my program."

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Features include desktop sharing, live polling, and session recording. Verizon Small Business Web Conferencing. A free online meeting service that lets you hold unlimited meetings for up to participants. AnyMeeting runs an advertiser-based model to keep the meeting service free. AnyMeeting is browser-based and features screen sharing, live polling, and session recording. Allows users to collaborate with one another visually and in real-time from anywhere around the globe. Ideas are captured and tracked in a visual on-the-fly flowchart style.

Once the brainstorming is complete, assign tasks, set deadlines and keep the entire team in sync. Host meetings for up to users. With Fuze Meeting you can host a meeting from your iPhone.

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Fuze can call participants into the web conference. Features such as session recording and site branding are available with mmeetings. Account upgrades can be purchased for meetings of more than attendees. Run a GatherPlace meeting on a Java-enabled browser or download a small application. No software downloads required for guests. Features desktop sharing, instant messaging with audience, audience usage reports, and session recording. Conduct meetings with up to 2, guests. Also it can leverage integrations with Salesform. Host webinars for up to 1, participants. Host meetings for up to 25 participants.

Features include attendee monitoring, live polling, session recording, automated reminders and follow-ups. InterCall is a tool for web meetings as Live web meetings as audio conference calls. Anytime conferencing, no reservations required. Features include desktop sharing, session recording, and mobile access. Host a webinar for up to 5, participants. This browser-based system features desktop sharing, white board, slide show module, session recording, and live polling. Free for 20 days. ReadyTalk web conferencing offers a browser-based online meeting system with tools for promoting your event, sharing content, interacting with your audience, and recording your event.

ReadyTalk offers support for high-value events. Skype also offers other essential features including support for recording video or audio conferencing. BlueJeans This free live video conferencing software is an enterprise-grade and powerful collaborative tool. You are going to receive a free trial for 14 days immediately after the installation. If you want to continue using the software following the expiry of the trial, you need to pay for it. This application will allow you to communicate and collaborate with your co-workers by means of a video conference from different locations.

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BlueJeans likewise provides you with the ability to share new presentations, documents, and video clips apart from chatting with co-workers and recording the online proceedings. Zoom Zoom is fast gaining immense popularity as one of the leading live video conferencing free applications at present featuring screen sharing from the mobile or desktop, HD video conferencingrecording features, as well as the ability to select full-screen views for video streams. This remarkable live meeting video conferencing application also comes with several other essential features such as the ability of sending group texts, imageries, as well as audio files at the time of any video conference.

On top of this, it also enables you to join meetings via cellular networks or wifi from your mobile device which undoubtedly makes it a real asset for any live video conference. Moreover, you will not find it difficult to set up and use the application.

After the registration, you will get an opportunity to experience seb Premium 25 for 14 days which will enable you to host live video meeting made up of as many as 25 participants. There is no need to download any application and it is possible to host an online meeting easily on any PC from its official site. Conclusion When going for free video conferencing software, bear in mind that the application ought to strike a proper balance between the cost and the features offered by it. Again in case, the participants find it difficult to use the interface, it will definitely affect the video conference adversely leading to frustration in the long run. Consequently, it is imperative to perform adequate research before deciding on the appropriate free video conferencing software.

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