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Community Security Checks This security check service in no way guarantees that your property will be safer from vandalism or burglary, but merely provides the Sheriff's Office with information of your whereabouts and other pertinent facts if a crime should occur.

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Servoce service is provided free of charge to members of the university community and may be obtained by calling If at any time you feel unsafe and need assistance, servide our office number, HELP and an officer will be dispatched to you. Sworn deputies in the Law Enforcement Division are also responsible for serving writs, subpoenas, summons, and other court orders, and processing extraditions. Certain classes of people, including convicted felons, are precluded from holding a CCW permit. Concealed Weapons Permits Permits to carry a concealed weapon CCW are issued by the Office of the Sheriff following application and a background clearance check.

Being in a group is always safer than walking alone. When walking on campus servic the evening hour, you are encouraged to walk with another person; and use servicee and well-traveled routes. County deputies also are responsible for taking custody of prisoners at any location, near or far, and returning them to Hardy County. Get Trusted Alerts from your local law enforcement. Our goal in this endeavor is to slow a majority of traffic in a specific area down, not to write "tickets", but tickets may be issued.

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With the population of the county growing, we are aware there is a need to provide traffic speed enforcement as part of an ongoing crime prevention program. Sign up at www. Deputies are required to investigate complaints and to take action to prevent the perpetration or continuation of inhumane treatment of animals. If you feel your personal safety is at risk while walking to your vehicle after dark, call University Police at HELPand an officer will escort you to your vehicle.

Deputies routinely travel to other sservice to pick up and return prisoners. Walk in well sdrvice areas and near areas often traveled. Try to break up your pattern of travel. Requests will be kept confidential. Officer assistance is based on availability, and there might be a slight wait time. Fill out and print the security check form here and mail or fax to the Hardy County Sheriff's Office. Try to park as close to where you work or go to class as possible.

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