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Also, I nuion used WU for more than 5 years so you would think it would get flagged for suspicious activity. Every time I have to called their office, I waste an hour of my time and get no real answer. Never ever using WU again, save yourself some headaches and avoid using it. They informed me that I could not receive funds.

After coming back three times, long story short, I found out the transfers were cancelled or suspended. These guys need to be investigated. May 12, Here's what Happened: I received the first two -- no problem. I will be using MoneyGram from now on because there was no problem coming from them. Instead of paying out such exorbitant salaries to their directors, they ought to invest some of that money into better security, a decent website and some basic customer support training.

Kundenhotline Western union

I still have not received the funds and was totally screwed, and had no food to eat for a day or two. After one month of waiting for the so promise refund, I called Western Union again, and once more, I got no real answer. I checked the Western Union website and tracked the two transfers, and both said that the funds had not reached Costa Rica yet. May 14, I'm amazed that such a large, popular and well-established company can be so horrible on so many levels in the 21st century.

Two kundenhogline their representatives offer a full refund and promise a cheque in the mail within a few weeks. But again, that would mean less revenue for the company Westrrn just passes the burden on to the banks. After 2 hours their system is still showing "still reviewing your transfer", I can review my transfer myself - don't need to pay them 20 CAD for it. Still in the end I have not received my funds and it's a total hassle. The local branch said that I needed to call Western Union.

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