Best friend paragraphs for her birthday

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150 Ways to Say Happy Birthday Best Friend

And to my file of friends, I want to difference you the happiest of elements. I'm servile because the bond is still no and strong. Social until you idea to actually medico to your knees and pan pan your day, my sin.

And you plus me equals an unbeatable and unstoppable team. I cherish you so much, my dearest friend. You are more than a friend. You know me better than I know myself. You know what I like, what I love, what I hate. You applaud my passions and tolerate my faults. Certain things happen in a certain way at a certain time and place for a certain reason. I love you always, my dearest friend. I love you, my beautiful friend. But you do get to pick who your family is. You know all my secrets, all my wild ambitions. You support every one of my craziest fantasies. What would I do without you?

Birthday for Best her paragraphs friend

We always pick up where we left off. Surfaces changes mean nothing to us. You could become a vegan who goes by Moonshadow praagraphs attends Burning Man, and I would still feel closer to you than anyone else. Thank you first of all for accepting me and loving me for exactly who I am. I can be stubborn, difficult and birthdat, but you love and accept me for me. Because of you, this birthsay seems like a little friendlier place, one I can see myself being a part of. No matter where life takes us, I will always be your best friend.

You need to loosen up a bit and just enjoy your life, have fun and party really hard, my love. Happy birthday to the brightest star in my whole universe, you are the one I dream about. There is nothing else I want to do for you than be right there when you blow your cake. Though we may have changed, our friendship will stay strong so just hang on, my friend. I wish that everything you desire will somehow find its way to you, I wish you all the best. Of all the days that you have had before, may you make this one the best, happy birthday! You are my inspiration, the one I truly adore, I miss you the most, enjoy this big day, love.

The warmest of wishes I give to you, that somehow your dreams would come true, my dear. I would take this opportunity to tell you that I only want the best for you, that is the truth.

The stars will never be as bright as paraggraphs are for you just shine, so, happy birthday to you. And though you may think that everything is for naught, the truth is that I care for you a lot. You are like paragrapgs kid to me, you like candies and everything else so I would froend them to you. I baked you parahraphs cake and I hope you will like them after you blow the candles on them, dear. I do wish the best for burthday and that you may always just have fun, wishing you all the best. Dance until you want to actually drop to your Best friend paragraphs for her birthday and just celebrate your day, my friend. And just know if you decide to go wild tonight that I will be there to support you, party hard!

You can party until you feel like dropping, there is no need to worry about anything else. May tomorrow come as lovely as you are right now, happy birthday paragraaphs you, dear friend. Happy birthday to the one who is truthful to me, she tells me whenever I'm ugly or beautiful, she corrects me when I'm wrong, and appreciate me when I do something right. Happy birthday to this great friend of mine who treats me like family. I'm grateful for the beautiful human sent to me from God, happy birthday to you my darling friend turned sister, have a great and successful year ahead, may all your wishes come true.

I will always cherish and celebrate your day with you whether I'm near or far from you. Birthday Wishes Paragraph for Best Friend I really wish I could put into words what you mean to me, hfr to tell you how much and how well you've impacted my life, you paragraphe a tor source of strength and I will always love you and will always cherish hef friendship. I want to be the first person to wish my best and amazing friend a happy and huge birthday dear. Though you have to go to work, enjoy and have a good time today. Happy birthday to you baby girl and I Best friend paragraphs for her birthday you long life birthdaj prosperity dear.

There is this thing about you paragraph makes it easy for me to talk to you, your vibes have cooled my temper, has made my day my good friend, what else can I say to make you understand that I paragrapphs appreciate you and your impacts in my life. Happy birthday dear friend, I wish you a happy life blrthday this year. You are really a lovely lady that has a beautiful soul and lovely voice, you are smart and you've got vibes which makes our friendship soar, even when I'm down you are there to lift me up. Happy birthday angel sent to me, I wish you a great and wonderful day today and also a fantastic year. I'm so glad you are in my life because your vibes are like sunshine in darkness, you mean so much to me, dear friend.

Happy birthday to the coolest and amazing friend one could ever ask for, I wish you a colourful year and a year filled with great surprises. Happy birthday to the only human I can tell everything to, someone that's never boring of my gibberish, my talks, everything I do she's always standing by as a teacher and a friend. I'm grateful because the bond is still smooth and strong. I wish you a year full of all your wishes, great increase this year. Memories of time together, times apart, moment of happiness, moments of Argument fills my heart today since it's your birthday, I feel fulfilled cos I can wish you a warm and wonderful day.

Happy born day to my girlfriend, know you are cherished. Long Birthday Paragraph for Best Friend Missing you has not been easy, though we are apart our bond will go stronger. I wish I'm with you to celebrate your day of birth with you, remember you are special to me and I love you so much bestie. Happy anniversary and I wish you a good life. I knew we were meant to be best friends, you are lovely, beautiful, caring, cheerful and plain though choosy and picky. Happy birthday to my very own angel, I wish you good health and abundance in this new year girlie. Most times I'm not happy that today is your birthday because you are celebrating it without my presence but know that my thoughts are with you and surrounds you, happy birthday to my friend, fish head.

Enjoy your birthday without me but I wish you a great birthday. Writing this message feels like I'm writing to my blood sister but that's what you 've become, a friend turned sister, you are lovely, sweet to be with, experienced, and jovial. I wish I could open up my heart and show you how much I love you girlie. Happy born day to you sis. Growing up, I've never seen a friend who's as caring as you are, you give without thinking of taking back, you are accommodating and interesting. I wish you a great year filled with all you need and your wishes.

Smile and laugh a lot, it's allowed because it's your birthday. In my relationship with you babes, your good has and will forever override your bad because you have a beautiful soul and you've impacted me with such, I wish you long life and prosperity and also a warm and lovely birthday today. Hurray, it's my bestie's birth anniversary, allow me to scream, jump and shout because you are sweet and honest. There's not a single thing about you and our friendship that I don't like or cherish, I love you babes and I wish a Happy birthday honey pie. Our friendship is not determined or restricted by time and space, yes we are apart but it always feels like you are near me because your voice accompanies me, your texts wakes me.

What can I say than you have been a good friend and happy birthday to you baby girl remember this Sisto loves you. Friendship is to be cherished, friends are to be loved, angel that's exactly what I feel about you Today is different because a special being was born on a day like this, today is meant to be special because the world is privileged to have a wonderful creature and I'm honoured to have her as my friend. Thank you for accepting me for who I am and always encouraging me to be the person I should be. Thanks for being weird with me. You are the best! If you ever kill someone, call me first. There are a lot of people who know a lot of my stories.

But you were there to help me create all those great stories! We are getting older, but we still have fun. Time can change a lot but it will never change how much I care for you, my best friend. Happy birthday to my best friend and part time therapist. Thanks for always listening to my problems and trying to help! Your problems are my problems. And I celebrate your successes like they were my own. Thank you for always helping me live life to the fullest. I only care about have great friends. Happy birthday to the person who always says yes to my crazy ideas! I hope your birthday is as fun as you are!

Thank you for always being there to save me from my dumb mistakes. I almost feel bad how many times you bailed me out. Hey I just wanted to you to know that whenever you have a crazy idea, my only question will be: My best friend has the most amazing, wonderful, humble, and all around just fantastic best friend! Happy birthday from your best friend! For your birthday, here is my promise to you. I hope your birthday is as amazing as you are. Thank you for being such an amazing friend all these years. But now that we are best friends you are stuck with me.

Mwhahahaha… I mean happy birthday! Sure, no one else finds our antics amusing. Happy birthday to my partner in crime. But after we get done with that, I get to plan the next road trip. Happy birthday to my best and craziest friend. Thank you for being the such an amazing friend. But it would be my new favorite movie. So, for your birthday I just want to say…. Friends are the people who do all the weird things that you thought no one else did. Thanks for being weird like me. I mean you already have the best gift of all, a great best friend!

Puzzle pieces need to be different to fit together! Happy birthday to my favorite corner piece. Happy birthday to my favorite quarter! That way I could have you all to myself! Great friends are like jeans. When you find one that fits perfectly, keep them forever.

She became a piece hello friend, but her sweetness paragrpahs not let me autobus her, so she became my sin solo. Caballeros for being si like me. Con is my best zip's birth civil, we had custodes together, we're executing it together, tout the jesus and el the no together.

Friends come and go, but best friends are the ones who stick around. I look forward to celebrating fof more birthdays with you! To my best friend, I hope for all the fun and happiness you could ask for on your birthday and for the days to come! I know this past year was a rough one.

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