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Maybe this will be the first solo some kids even difference a limbo from the Tout. But, we were not mad that way.

If you qualify for free and reduced lunch call us about scholarship opportunities for our programs at x4. Develop skills required for the 21st century such as creativity, problem solving, teamwork and critical thinking. Power and program your robot to kick a ball, move in circles, or listen to your commands. Open to students ages 8 - Tuition and fees cover the costs of all meals, housing, awards banquet, class-work, and supplies. June 17 College for Kids The program provides alternative and advanced experiences for children identified by their local school as academically or creatively talented. Students may select from over fifteen different course options.

Enrollment and class size is limited. All applicants must be nominated by their school. Nominated candidates will receive applications through their schools in early April. Courses are filled in the order registrations are received. Each one together took their strand and pulled at the same time. It tightened the knot leaving the strands taught and firm. Each ceremony had significant of the scripture 3 cords that cannot be easily broken. Interpreting this as a husband wife and God the union will be strong and will not be shaken. Each wedding had their bridesmaids and groomsman, flower girl, ring bearer, a dog brought the ring down at one wedding,very unique for that couple.

One couple had a little wagon decorated up and an older boy about six pulled the wagon with four miniature groomsman under the age of two down the aisle. Each one with their little blue suspenders and crisp white dress shirts on. It was most intriguing to see the old fashion gowns, the looks on their faces, the bouquet of flowers held. In one of the pictures, the great grandma had a gold bracelet on. The bride that day was wearing the same bracelet. What a priceless heirloom that was for this great granddaughter to be able to use. I wondered how many even followed that anymore. In one wedding the congregation even sang songs.

One song was about being a servant to each other and the other was Amazing Grace. This wedding was the most sacred service I have attended for a wedding. It was what I feel all wedding should be like. The sermon and message was not taken lightly. Taking the first letter of each word you get GUTS. He Free casual dating in richland center wi 53581 not sugar coat what marriage was to be. He even mentioned what marriage was and that casting a vote did not change the meaning, even if it came from the Supreme Court!

As I looked across the room there were so many young families and young adults waiting their chance for marriage. How I was blessed to know that they all heard this kind of message. I was blessed that the minister was not afraid to say what he said. I was Free casual dating in richland center wi 53581 impress with the passion that he spoke, of love and relationships. He genuinely was serving the God of the Bible and his conviction to the ministry. This is an interesting concept to me. I invite you to its web site and see for yourself. Each wedding was unique to the ones getting married. Christ tells of many weddings in His word the Bible.

Timothy and Lois probably saw many wedding in their days. We have no scripture that mentioned Timothy being married but we know that his mother, Eunice, was married to a Greek. Christ even calls Himself the Bridegroom and we, the church, the bride. There are many others that you can explore while talking to your grandchildren of the importance of marriage. Do you have GUTS? Can you teach it to your grandchildren? Have you shown them to your grandchildren yet? As always send me your comments. To direct on a course. This day and age people can buy a device called a Garman. Helga was the name someone I know, called their voice that came out of the little box.

This apparatus is hooked in a 12 volt power outlet in the car. Older models you would type in where you wanted to go from where you were. New models, with Alexa, you can just speak and it will direct you which way to turn and when. I am a firm believer in paper. As in a paper map. Free casual dating in richland center wi 53581 know where I am and I can look at where I am going. I look at a map decide my direction to be traveled but it may change during the trip. Even a change in the road can abruptly change the road you are traveling on.

You are traveling along on road X, it is a straight shot to your destination. The lines are yellow and out of no where the road goes straight but also sharply turns, that road also has yellow lines. It is a keen eye that keeps on the straight road. Exit ramps can get a person in trouble. You could have 3 or 4 exists or more all going to the same place but in a different section of that area. Way too confusing for one who comes from the neighborhood ofnext to an unincorporated village. It is great to get away. Going on a journey refreshes you. Helps to sort out the cobwebs that have cluttered the thought process. Gives you a different perspective on life. Presents a change in the scenery.

Even just a day trip is a good escape. His Father had many rooms and He was preparing a place for them too. He told them that He would come when it was ready and take them back on the trip with Him. The promise in John No one knows the day or hour, but, we are told to be ready for the trip, for in a twinkle of an eye we will be on our journey. There are ways for us to prepare for this trip, there is a road map that has all the directions that we need to navigate our way to the ultimate destination. The road looked to be very new. Nice black asphalt and bright white lines. Yet it was the bumpiest new looking road that I have ever been on.

It was raining and the water was actually pooling in parts of the road. It looked shiny and new but it was not fun to travel on. The brick walls that I have seen leaning in the wrong direction on sides of the road are also due to years of settlement with a foundation not stable enough to hold. A good foundation is essential. My husband has mentioned to me about bridges that give way when a storm come. There are actually men that have to test the mix of concrete before it is poured to make sure that it will be the right solid form. There is an art to the right consistency and there may be additives needed.

The ambient conditions factor into the right texture for the specific job. At a Vacation Bible School program a few weeks ago one of the songs sang was about the wise and foolish man. They built their houses in different places and when the rains came down one stood firm and the other went splat! Our lives can often go splat too when we are not standing on solid ground and a firm foundation. Jesus gives us many lessons in His word on how to live a life. If we mix our daily lives with what He has to say even in the stormy times we will overcome because our foundation is on the one true rock.

Jesus taught this lesson to us in Matthew 7: If you know anything about a Wadi it can be dry and appealing in certain areas but when a rain comes it can come suddenly and flood away anything in its path. My heart goes out to those surrounding communities that have been hit heavy with rain and their flooding. When you are going day to day with your grandchild remember you have every opportunity to begin that firm foundation with them. It is what they are familiar with and understand where a lesson about Jesus can be taught.

Maybe you could buy a bag of concrete, follow the directions and make walking stones. I can remember family members talking about not walking under a ladder when I was young and crossing my fingers to make something come true. I was told not to break a mirror or I would have seven years of bad luck. I heard the phrase, so I said it. Did I even believe what I was saying? Silliness happens in families and superstitions have been around for a long time. Watch out for Friday the thirteenth or the black cat in your path. Can you think of others that were in your family? One family story was that there were 2 moles spaced about 2 inches apart on a baby on the hip.

This, the mother believed was because she had stepped on a snake and then went into labor. The moles representing fang marks. It sounds ridiculous to me, but people are very sincere in their beliefs. There are many different thoughts out there. Even Jesus, truth and the Bible. Religion can get confusing to some. Each one reading this might have a different recognition of Jesus and the Bible. There are now books that explain what a person thinks are contradictions in the Bible. As far back as the bible, stories about superstitions are there. Check out the one in Genesis Here it is thought as a folk medicine or superstition of fertility.

I like my Red Letter version of the Bible those are Jesus actual words. I think the scripture tells us that we can learn from babes. He knew that we had played hard all morning and he was enjoying his resting time and grandma probably should too. Sitting down, relieving some of the stresses from the day. I wondered what prompted him to tell me to sit down? Was he telling me to take a load off? Was I hurrying too much for his liking? Was I distracting him from the meal he was eating, or was it in the pace of my step that he just knew grandma needed a time of rest also?

We enjoy our times together with others when we go out to eat. We sit and talk and tell stories. Those are memorable times. We try to juggle four things at once and wish we were an octopus so we could juggle that much more at one time. But, we were not mad that way. We were given two arms and hands. God made sure we could hold our little ones and cuddle, and our two hands to fold together in prayer to thank Him for our meal, that we can share sitting down. During my sons growing up years, that was a favorite verse that was quoted often.

It must have been difficult for Saul turned Paul as the Lord revealed to others that Paul was now a minister of the gospel. During one such encounter Paul ended up in prison due to his teaching. In one of his letters he mentioned for Timothy to bring his cloak. What did a prison look like back then? Stone walls, dirt floor, water dripping from condensation, chains, guards, there are references that Paul was chained to the guard. Asking for warmth and comfort. What would the cloak have looked like? Was it made of hide or cloth? Did it have a hood? Was it like a blanket? Children find much comfort and warmth in their blankie. With Paul asking for him certainly he would want to be an eager servant.

It might have been fairly lonely in prison also. Having a companion there giving support and encouragement would help pass the time while imprisoned, yet we in our lives enjoy our comfort, our nice warm bed and pillows. When I go on vacation and we stay in a motel, I have a difficult time with the beds. I sleep well in my bed and I have enjoyed the comfort of my feather pillows for over 40 years. What would it be like though if it was all taken away? When a tornado hit a neighboring town a few years ago, they immediately experienced an uncomfortable lifestyles. The sorrow of losing their prized possessions, the heartache of losing a child swept away, the trauma that their house was leveled to the ground.

How do you find comfort during those disasters? Is there a formula that you follow to make it through? Where do you turn? Music is a good therapy and words are often comforting. Jesus wept at a grave site. Jesus knew heartache in betrayal of friends. Jesus was crucified without cause yet he was willing to obey His Father and overcome the grave. He sits in the right side of His Father for He endured.

He asked for a drink yet got gall. Paul was uncomfortable for the cause of Christ. He endured and was assured the prize. Some have to go underground in secret, some meet in grassy meadows in secluded places. Just to hear the scriptures read. The Voice of the Martyrs is a non-profit organization that tells of many stories of the faith of our brothers and sisters that do not live in a secure area to practice out their beliefs. It would be a good thing if grandmas for the next generation would read some of the stories of sacrifices that are made.

They need to know how fortunate we are to live in a country where we are free to practice Christian beliefs without getting shot or put into prison. Paul made a choice to follow Christ. In good or bad, comfort or not, may we be able to do the same. Thank God when you climb in bed tonight for the comfort it gives. Remember those who may be in homeless shelter and share a blanket to them. Take the grandchildren with you when you go. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do all this through him who gives me strength. Driving in certain states have a lower age determined than others.

Our state happens to be 16 years of age to legally drive; other states are up to A local swim team says children need to be at least 5 years of age. For years our children went to the summer church league games cheering on the church and their father. They could hardly wait for the time when they turned 12 and could join the team. For many years they played and as their lives changed, church softball went by the way side. Trying to be supportive of our church, we decided the other night to go and watch a game. On a team you have the skilled and the not so skilled and the learning. One little boy on the opposing team, came up to bat at least 4 times.

His face, reflecting a look of pure fear and apprehension. Self-confidence began to wane. I realized in the not too distant future I would be looking at my grandchildren holding that bat. I will be there, they will feel supported and worthy of being on a team. Grandma will be their cheerleader. Grandma will make team treats. Grandma will take pictures of them on the field. Grandma will cherish each moment.

Timothy was young once too. In 1 Timothy 4: Be there to U Rah Rah! Even if your hair is turning grey, find the old pompoms and tell your story. Waiting, anticipating without being anxious? I should go to the dictionary and check. I have heard it told that it is a virtue! Spacing out when someone keeps talking a mile a minute and for a lengthy time. Do you remember how you were taught patience? I had to wait for a birthday party, I knew Santa was coming but I had to wait, I set a wedding date and had to wait for that day to come.

I was pregnant and that was 9 months of waiting. It is a technique, the application of patience. Players report practice time between 3- 18 hours a day to become accomplished. Apparently a certain decision of determination was practiced also. When little Jen falls off her bike repeatedly, her sense of determination makes her get back on and try again and when she rides around with the bigger girls on the block she feels a sense of accomplishment. Patience can be a reward. In conversation the other day, I learned of a granddaughter in her teens that was now realizing the meaning of patience. It was summer and she was available when her grandmother fell and broke a bone.

She soon learned that patience was of the essence. As the parents went off to work, she would stay home and fluff the pillow and fix the meals, and get the mail, and dust the house, and take the dog out and shake the rugs, and answer the phone.

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You get the picture. She was the right hand granddaughter, Johnny on the spot, I love you very much grandma, kind of granddaughter, yet being a teen there soon came a time when she began to be overwhelmed with the responsibility. A break was welcome when other family members came to visit. I am a lot older than this young lady and I can tell you there are moments that I am overwhelmed with some of the people that I interact with. I stop and ask myself why I react a certain way then I stop and ask myself Free casual dating in richland center wi 53581. How do I stop the anxious response, how do I think before I speak?

How did I forget patience so quickly? How do I continue in the moment without complaint? How do I not lose my temper? Patience shows others who we are. So to the teen that cares for the grandparent and the little one on training wheels keep up, the reward is just around the corner. He was taught the teachings of Jesus as he journeyed the many trips Paul took. They perhaps traveled by ship, horse, camel, donkey, but probably mostly foot. I have been intrigued by traveling modes in the bible and the great wonders that have been built and how it was accomplished. Reading about the temple that David wanted to build in 1 Chronicles That must have been something to see all of this building material coming in to build the temple for God.

Something that I am really impressed with these days, as a method to spread the gospel is a little gadget that I got acquainted with through the In Touch ministry. It is called the Messenger, and it was launched in It is a solar powered audio device that has dozens of sermons, the New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs on it. It is equipped with a flashlight and FM receiver also. Areas where electricity is limited can be served by this solar device; some people have smart phones and can use SD cards. Bibles are heavy and a multitude of them are easily taken through customs so the very small USB device is perfect. The ingenuity of this device has far exceeded what the ministry thought could be possible.

The Messenger has traveled in 88 languages. Overhave been distributed, many have gone where missionaries may not be able to go. Other churches have even been helped for educational purposes for local pastors. Paul and Timothy used foot power to spread the Word. Now the sun is spreading the Word Free casual dating in richland center wi 53581 the Son. One cannot comprehend what the future for our grandchildren will be like, spreading the gospel, with technology changing at the fast rate that it is. It is amazing how quickly they catch on. Buttons were pushed but nothing happen. After trying another button the screen changed. It was that simple.

Would we decide there was a Jesus or not? Answers in Genesis is an organization dedicated to the book of Genesis. In their magazine, Ken Ham, puts it like this. The scriptures, Matthew 7: When is the last time you heard or sang that song. When you were three? Do you remember it? Simple; the choice is ours. Wise man or foolish man. Though we long to be a wise man, often times we end up looking very foolish in our Christian behavior. I cannot say that I am a strict to the sign obedient driver, I will say my foot is not made of lead, but on occasion I just am going, or I think I am in a hurry. Soon after I notice my error, I slow down, but I think to myself.

What kind of example is that! Another scripture, John 8: If we choose Him we are in light if not darkness. Do you like the dark or the light? The dark is great for watching fireworks, but getting up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and stubbing your toe may not feel too good in that same darkness. It is our choice once again. The serpent being wise convinced her and then she convinced her husband. The do; they both ate. Such a little word, OBEY, just four letters. Mankind though has struggled with it since the beginning of time.

Do we know how many religions there are in the world? Wikipedia says there are roughly 4, The Bible says, Black or White. How did it all become so complicated? A serpent influenced one in a perfect world, convincing Eve that God was not telling the truth. What was the phrase? He gave us a gift, eternal life. Choose to believe today. Lois and Timothy did. He seemed to be quite outstanding to the person. When hearing this comment, I wondered, were the parents good or did the child choose to be good and obey? God gives us a free will, so is choice what it is all about? How do you choose to live? Do you choose to be good or choose to be bad? I might think of bad being disobedient. We all have made the wrong choice sometime in our lives.

For the most of us, we probably knew that we were choosing to be bad but we did it anyway. Some parents might never acknowledge that their children do wrong. You might have a parent that can never see the good in their child. Would you think that this child might suffer just as much as the one who could do no wrong? What kind of life is it for a child that can never measure up to what their parents expect. Why do you suppose our prisons are full of juvenile delinquents? Often, single parents are at work and that leaves a lot of time and room for wrong doing. How many live on the streets with a gang instead of in a nice warm home with parent to shower love on them.

Discipline takes discipline, caving in sometimes seems the easy thing to do. Giving in may seem alright at first but there will be consequences. Every choice made in raising a child or a grandchild comes with them. James Dobson, commented on a radio program one time of the importance of the child, always knowing who the boss was. If they thought they were, it would be a hard battle won for the parent. The child should not see any way to persuade a yes from the parent. The checkout counter was the worst, for me, you know, you are getting the cart unloaded, the kids have had enough shopping, you have too, but you are the adult. That one thing they cannot live without.

I want, I want. He starts the whimper and then the tears, the noise gets louder. This carries on and then in that last desperate moment what do you find yourself doing? I can remember how difficult it was at times with a strong willed child. He thanks me now for the discipline as he teaches his own children the right choices. Christ has set down some rules for us too. Choices that will reap us benefits in the end. I knew it was coming. It begins with the crawling, then the baby steps then the no hands and finally the running, the jumping, the skipping, the running away from you.

It really is progress that all parents and grandparents want to see, it is how life goes on. We had a great routine. I sang it to him after he ate his favorite meal of Macaroni and Cheese and his belly was full and our bed was nice and comfortable. It would be the nice hard wood floor and a small rug that would be clung onto. So as the small fit carried on, I sat on the bed as usual, I patted the blanket minus the child as usual. I sang the lullaby as usual, but with a child on the floor. The rendition carried on longer than usual as one fought to outlast the other. He would look at me, I would look at him then I would close my eyes as if nothing was different, I would ignore the fact that he was on the hard floor and not on the nice soft bed under a nice warm blanket.

He would look up at me beginning to teeter from one side to the other as his eyes began to get droopier and droopier. I continued to sing, I held my hand out to him once then a second time. He began to fuss with the rug. Would this scratchy thing be the substitute for the norm, the nice and cozy? I continued to pat the empty blanket and sing. I could tell as one arm went down on the rug that it would not be long, that he had substituted the inviting for his choice of hard wood floor. I reached out my hand to him again, this time he held his arms up at me, accepting the thought but not the offer.

I sang, and patted the empty bed and he went to sleep on the hard cold floor with no blanket of comfort. So as I think about the moment, I am asking myself, did he win? He got the cold hard floor. I kept singing as always, I kept patting as always, I kept offering as always. I am still asking myself. I lifted him up and he willingly came and I placed him on the more comfortable soft bed.

Wise man or u man. A con came up with the el and it met off.

I patted a little while caaual then there was a sigh of release. Some might say leave inn on the floor, that is what he rivhland. Others might side with me and pick him up. What matters is that independence did show up. This little small way, will be nothing for what the world will try to offer as he continues to grow. I want independence for my grandchildren, I want them to stand on their own two feet. I am pondering what tomorrows scenario will look like. The same routine or his way of thinking? Timothy was as young man when he began to serve with Paul but he had grown up qualities that only could have come due to the guidance of the adults around him.

Namely a Christian grandmother, Lois.

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