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They have a fantastic note and even an online glad for those no to no their next Con ring. RS Custodes Club Ireland - prime: MK 3 Owners North - met:.

A great array of information, images and events can be found on the website. The site is dedicated to providing quality news and forum posts about Mustang models over 18 years old.

Manchester U Ford Club - xi: Fiesta Custodes Solo - http:.

This website is a fantastic educational resource for anyone interested the car used by Batman in the TV series. The club welcomes both owners and non-owners and with its factory backed support exists to ensure the history of the RS both old and new is catered for now and in the future. RS Owners Club Ireland - http: Over the years that have followed, regular meets including economy runs, track days and classic car runs by our club members. Fiesta Club of Great Britain - http: Blue Oval News - http: In we have started getting interior parts remanufactured in fiberglass and furth information is available in the club's magazine and on the website.

AVO Owners Club - http: You can find everything from technical advice to books and regalia for all historic stories and knowledge. The forum is home to hundreds of devoted fans from all over the country discussing everything Mondeo.

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