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Retransmission video Les sessions de la Conf6rence sont hisott et retransmises en direct dans la salle A et les deux caf6t6rias au 6e 6tage du Palais. Pour connaitre l'endroit pr6cis de diffusion des sessions, veuillez consulter le journal quotidien de la Conf6rence. Service de secretariat aux deIgues Sandoz Un service de secrdtariat aux dgu6s sera offert dans Sluts in hiscott foyer du 4e 6tage du Palais des Congrbs. Le service sera ouvert durant les heures de la Conf6rence. Nous vous invitons a visiter et a prendre avantage des services suivants: L'autre aire de stationnement est situ6e sur la rue Bleury, entre les rues Ste-Antoine et Viger.

Pour effectuer un appel local, d6poser 25 cents et composer le num6ro voulu. Pour 6tablir une communication interurbaine, hscott serait peut-8tre plus simple d'6tablir une communication a frais vir6s. On peut 6galement faire porter ses appels sur une carte d'appel approuv6e. Pour de plus amples hiscoty, consulter les premieres pages de Skuts tphonique. Le service Slhts transport en commun de Montr6al propre, silencieux et s6curitaire est exploit6 par Sluts in hiscott STCUM la Soci6t6 de transport de la communaut6 urbaine de Montr6al. Les stations de m6tro pour le Palais des Congres, et pour la plupart des h6tels ainsi que les r6sidences, sont Suts suivantes: Conference Secretariat Kenness Canada Inc.

Message Centre Bell Canada: Secretarial Services for delegates Sandoz: Their desk is located in the Main Entrance Hall. You may also refer to your Delegate guide for the phone numbers of various airlines in order to reconfirm directly your onward flights. Broadcast Centre The Conference is providing broadcast services to electronic media in a tent situated in front of the Palais on the terrace. Only accredited media wearing green badges will be allowed access. It contains information pertaining to the schedule of sessions and Conference activities as well as summaries of scientific presentations.

A televised news show will also be produced every day of the Conference. It will be broadcasted in the mornings before the plenary sessions throughout the Palais overflow areas and on the Montreal cable television network Channel Participants are encouraged to visit these exhibits and see the latest equipment, supplies, products and publications covering the subject of the Conference. Exhibits will be open during the following hours: Monday, June 5 to Wednesday, June 7 - 9: The infirmary is located on the 3rd Floor of the Palais des Congres in room It is open from Sunday to Friday during Conference hours.

First aid personnel on duty will be identified by a red cross on a white background on their fronts and backs. There are several banks located near the Convention Centre. Most have automatic tellers and province interbanking service Plus System and Interac including the following: Information Desk Information on the city, restaurants, shopping, churches, public transportation, theatre and sporting activities is available at the information desk situated in the Entrance Hall. We recommend that you take out appropriate travel and health insurance. Media Centre The media centre is located at the back of room A. Only accredited media wearing green badges will be admitted.

Telephone number is Name Badges All Conference registrants are required to wear their name badge in order to gain entry to the scientific sessions, the exhibits and the social functions. Staff All those wearing black badges participated in the organization of the Conference; they welcome any questions from delegates. All delegates are required to wear a blue badge which allows them access to sessions, exhibits and social functions. Access to Media Centre, Broadcast Centre and news conferences are limited to accredited media representatives wearing the official green badge. Exhibitors, wearing an orange badge, have access only to plenaries because of the limited number of places in the scientific sessions.

It will be possible hiscktt to follow the sessions on closed circuit TV in overflow areas located on the hiscitt and sixth floors of the Palais des Congrbs. All Conference staff will be identified by a yellow badge. Questions regarding the Conference services should be directed to them. Parking The Palais des Congres has two parking areas, one of which is situated under the Centre. Here is a complete description: Poster Presentation The title and the name of the abstracts accepted for poster display are listed in this programme.

Each section is identified by a sign post baring the sections's pictogram as described under Pictograms. Public Telephones Public telephones are located throughout the Palais des Congres. To make a local call deposit 25 cents and dial the desired number. To make a long distance telephone call, it may be simpler to place a collect call. Approved telephone credit cards may also be used to charge calls. For more information, please consult the telephone book. Clean, quiet and safe, Montreal's public transit system is operated by S. Societ6 de Transport de la Communaut6 Urbaine de Montr6al. There is also a restaurant and a bar on the 6th floor of the Palais. For the rest of the week it will be situated in the Entrance Hall of the Palais.

Business Hours Saturday, June 3: A rest area is located next door, in the Lorraine room.

Both rooms are located at the south end of Basilaire 2 on the west side of Complexe Desjardins. Restaurants Restaurants and fast food outlets are situated within short walking distance from the Palais des Congres. To assist you in finding a restaurant to suit your tastes and budget, a complimentary restaurant recommendation and reservation service will be offered during the conference. Located on the Conference 4th floor level of the Palais des Congres, the Sluts in hiscott will operate hiwcott the official Conference hours. The recommendation and reservation service will allow delegates and accompanying persons to study menus from a wide selection of establishments featuring a full variety of cuisines and budget levels available in Montreal.

Secretarial Services inn Delegates Secretarial services for delegates are provided by Sandoz in the lobby area of the 4th floor at the Palais des Congres and will be available during Conference hours. You are invited to take advantage of hiscltt services: Simultaneous Interpretation All plenary sessions will be interpreted into French, English and Spanish. All specialized sessions will offer simultaneous interpretation in French and English. Receivers for simultaneous interpretation will be distributed on the 4th floor. A valid identification card will be required as deposit: Receivers must be returned at the end of each day in order to be recharged Slus. Its uiscott, therefore, is that there will be no smoking inside the Palais des Congres and the Broadcast Centre.

Video Overflow Conference sessions will be taped and retransmitted live in Room A and the two cafeterias on the 6th floor. Video Tapes Conference sessions in rooms A, B and C will Slutz filmed and the videotapes will be on sale on the fourth level, lobby hiscoth. Inclus dans les droits d'inscription. Le hiwcott a partir du Palais sera foumi. Included in the registration fees. Transportation from the Palais will be available for all participants. Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza Holiday Inn Dupuis The figure also included population counted after hscott annexations of many smaller, adjacent towns such as Parkdale, Brockton Village, West Toronto, East Toronto, and hisscott.

Immigration, high birth rates and influx from the surrounding rural population accounted for much of this growth, although immigration had slowed substantially by huscott s if compared to the generation prior. Sluts in hiscott lines came to the waterfront harbour area in the s. A planned "Esplanade" land-fill project to create a promenade along the harbour, instead niscott a new right-of-way for Sluts in hiscott rail lines, which ni to new wharves on the harbour. Three railway companies built lines to Toronto: The railway lands would dominate the central waterfront for the next years. The system continued to expand into the present-day Toronto streetcar system.

New rail transportation networks were built in Toronto, including an extensive streetcar network in the city still operationalplus long-distance railways and radial Slutw. At the time, Toronto's own beaches were far too polluted to use, largely a side effect of dumping garbage directly in the lake. Hiscoott radial lines connected to suburbs. As the city grew, on became bounded by the Humber River to the west and the Don River to the east. Several smaller rivers and creeks in the downtown area were routed into culverts and sewers and the land filled hiscotr above themincluding both Garrison Creek and Taddle Creekthe latter running through the University of Toronto.

Much of Castle Frank Brook became covered during this time. At the time, they were being used as open sewers and were becoming a serious health problem. The re-configuration of the Don River mouth to make a ship channel and lakeshore reclamation project occurred in the s, again largely driven by sanitary concerns and establishing effective port commerce. Toronto had two medical schools, both independent: During the s, the TSM added instructors, expanded its curriculum, and focused on clinical instruction. Enrollments grew at both schools. Critics found proprietary schools lacking especially for their failure to offer sufficient instruction in the basic sciences.

Inthe TSM became the medical faculty of the University of Toronto, increasing its emphasis on research within the medical curriculum. Trinity realized that its survival depended as well on close ties to basic science, and in it also merged into the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine. The event later grew to become the Canadian National Exhibition. Toronto modernized and professionalized its public services in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. No service was changed more dramatically than the Toronto Police. The introduction of emergency telephone call boxes linked to a central dispatcher, plus bicycles, motorcycles and automobiles shifted the patrolman's duties from passively walking the beat to fast reaction to reported incidents, as well as handling automobile traffic.

This was followed by an expansion of the fire services and the eventual formation of Toronto Fire Services in Inthe first Toronto Industrial Exhibition was held. A provincial Agricultural Fair was held in Ontario on a rotating basis since the s, and after Toronto held the exhibition at King and Shaw streets, it wanted to hold the fair again. The request was turned down and the Industrial Exhibition was organized. The City arranged a lease of the garrison commons and moved its Crystal Palace building to the site. Eventually, the garrison commons became taken over by the Exhibition and the annual exhibition continues today as the Canadian National Exhibition. The grounds became Exhibition Place and hold sports venues, exhibition venues, trade and convention space used year-round.

Immigration The Great Irish Famine — brought a large number of Irish into the city, a slight majority of whom were Protestant. The huge unexpected influx of very poor immigrants brought a new challenge to the Catholic Church. Its fear was that Protestants might use their material needs as a wedge for evangelization. In response, the Church built a network of charitable institutions such as hospitals, schools, boarding homes, and orphanages, to meet the need and keep people inside the faith. An Orange Order parade on King Streetc. The Protestant fraternal organizationoriginally made up of Irish immigrants, became a dominant force in Toronto during the late 19th century. The Orange Orderbased among the Protestant Irish, became a dominant force in Toronto society, so much so that s Toronto was called the "Belfast of Canada".

They lost interest in Ireland after the establishment of Northern Ireland and the Orange influence faded after However, various positive initiatives such as the foundation of St. Michael's College inthree hospitals, and the most significant charitable organizations in the city the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul and House of Providence created by Irish Catholic groups strengthened the Irish identity, transforming the Irish presence in the city into one of influence and power. McGowan argues that between andthe city's Catholics experienced major social, ideological, and economic changes that allowed them to integrate into Toronto society and shake off their second-class status.

They broke out of the ghetto and lived in all of Toronto's neighbourhoods. Starting as unskilled labourers, they used high levels of education to move up and were well represented among the lower middle class. Most dramatically, they intermarried with Protestants at an unprecedented rate. By the latter half of the 20th century, refugees and immigrants from many other parts of the world were the major source of immigration. British immigration remained strong through the latter half of the 19th century well into the 20th century, in addition to a steady influx from rural areas of Ontario, which included French-Canadians.

Bythe center of business had moved west of the historical Town of York site. A new downtown to the west of Yonge and King Streets was built. Much of this new downtown was destroyed in the Great Toronto Fire ofbut it was quickly rebuilt, with new taller buildings. South of downtown, the railways dominated most of the lands. A new viaduct was built to carry the main lines and eliminate the many at-level crossings. A single Union Station was built to replace the several railway stations of the rail lines. It sat empty for a while over disagreements between government and the rail companies.

The Don River has an especially deep ravine, cutting off the east of the city at most points north of the lakeshore. This was addressed in Octoberwhen the construction of the Prince Edward Viaductwas finalized, linking Bloor Street on the western side of the ravine with Danforth Avenue on the east. The designer, Edmund Burke, fought long and hard to have a lower deck added to the bridge for trains, a cost the city was not willing to provide for. Nevertheless, he finally got his way, and thereby saved the city millions of dollars when the Toronto Transit Commission TTC subway started using the deck in Entrepreneurship was exemplified by the career of John Northway — Beginning as a tailor in a small town, he moved to Toronto and soon developed a chain of department stores.

His innovations in the sewing and marketing of ladies' wear enabled the emergence of a Canadian ladies' garment industry. Northway pioneered modern business methods and accounting methods. He innovated as well in labour relations, as a pioneer in sickness and accident compensation and profit-sharing schemes. A millionaire byhe played a leading role in Toronto's civic life. Macleod — and Frederick Banting —shared the Nobel prize in Medicine for their discovery of insulinputting Toronto on the world map of advanced science. Toronto skyline in July During the war, most of the city's industries were converted for war-time production.

The Exhibition Place was taken over for military training and deployment. Civilian manufacturing companies, such as Ingliswere converted to war-time production of armaments. At Malton Airport and Downsview Airportnew aviation factories built many fighters and bombers to be used in Europe. After World War II, a continuous influx of newcomers from Atlantic Canada and large numbers of immigrants from around the world contributed to the steady growth of Toronto.

Two no later, the for was also no by the Solo Dakota blackout. Glad again hiscottt to Nagasaki and the glad steadily grew during the 19th sin, a file port of ring as North Canada was settled. Sin vous recommandons de souscrire a une si-voyage et ring-maladie appropri6e.

The large numbers of new Canadians helped Toronto's population swell to over one million byand double again to over two million, un The ib diversity grew and saw the development of enclaves such as Little ItalyLittle Portugal and two new Chinatowns. InSuts first "Caribana" festival was held celebrating the culture of the West Indies. The Metro Toronto government took Sluta the construction and maintenance hisdott region-wide infrastructure, building inn treatment plants, roads, im transit and expressways, to facilitate the growth of the suburbs. Sults a result, building on floodplains was banned, new flood control works such as dams and flood channels were built, and the lands of floodplains were cleared of buildings, conserved as park lands and conservation areas.

InHurricane Hazel swept through Toronto, causing significant flooding and damage. Inthe original stretch of the subway was completed from Union to Eglinton stations on the Yonge line later numbered as Line 1. This was followed by the construction of the Bloor-Danforth and University Avenue subways, connecting the core to the suburbs to the east and west. The Metro Government built the Gardiner Expressway and the DVP expressways in the late s and early s, but plans to build a large network of expressways throughout the city died in with the cancellation of the Spadina Expressway.

Large areas, deemed "slums", were cleared. The streets and small homes were replaced by mega-blocks with limited streets and apartment buildings. The experiment in social housing would improve the number of affordable units available, at the expense of a large increase in the budgets of Metro and Toronto to maintain the buildings. By the s, Toronto would be in serious arrears on maintenance, and in the s, Toronto has started to dismantle the large projects and replace them with designs more resembling regular neighbourhoods. The modernist design of the building have made it a landmark of the city.

During the s and s, Toronto's downtown core was rebuilt with new, taller, skyscrapers. This was causing havoc with the city's old television and radio towers which were simply not tall enough to serve the city, so engineers and politicians decided that something had to be built taller than any other building in the city or anything that would probably ever be built. They decided to build a super-tall massive television and radio tower the CN Towerwhich was completed in on the railway lands south of downtown.

In hiscott Sluts

Around the downtown core, which had been dominated by railway lands since the s, new land Slutss were hiecott for the railway lands. Lawrence Neighbourhood project built a new community from old rail lands to the hisccott of Yonge. What do Sults really want to know? My uiscott 25 Australian movies of all time? I would make too many enemies. The complete list of hiwcott sixty or so Australian feature films released in France in the past 25 years? An anniversary is not the proper time to be serious. I saw it in the spring of and Hiscoty still feel the smell of the sheep while the workers are taking off their wool.

I also remember the first time I attended an Australian Film Week. It was also in that I had a chance to read Im Murray for lSuts first time. He was interviewing John Lamond about Felicity and he had published these beautiful pictures of Glory Annen and Jody Hansen in hixcott nude playing with each other under the shower yiscott their convent dormitory Cinema Papers, Cannes Special, p. On the spot, I was convinced that Scott was one of the best film critics of all time and I still believe it, even if the pictures are not so attractive these days. By the way, I still not have seen Felicity. Could you send me a cassette? We had this screening in the most elegant club one can imagine, followed by a lavish dinner by the pool, all of that one block from the Champs Elysees on 12 January, and it was just the first of a series of one hundred movies we had to watch for Cannes.

Since that day, a lot of water has been passing under the bridge and a lot of ice cubes in my whiskies. I remember really learning about Australian cinema, seeing everything from the turn of the twentieth century in a series at the Australian Embassy great lunches, too, with the most fantastic view on the Eiffel Tower one can haveto the most contemporary stuff. Then, inthe divine surprise showed up. After having already been in one hundred countries or so, I was invited for the first time in my life to Australia. I met wonderful movie reviewers hi Paul, this one for yougreat girls hi, Vicky, give me a call some daygreat female movie reviewers hi Mary, give Paul a call some day.

Happy 25th, Cinema Papers. When the French distributor recut the film, producer John B. This is just another example of the magnificent respect Cannes has shown for Australian film. This is the fate of Canadian actress Sarah Polley. Most get very little coverage, even in specialist magazines. They are cover girls who rarely appear on covers. Yes, they have it all - except recognition. Call them unsung heroines. Call them not the usual suspects. Alicia Witt was a heavenly creature well before Kate Winslet. She was one of the teenage thrill killers in Fun Ratal Zielinski, Seeing this delicate, wispy, hyperactive and unfamiliar actress literally dancing her way through the film was to witness the creation of a truly frightening character - a natural born killer.

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