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A Blind Date With Mount Fuji

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The two were partnered together, eventually revealing that they were an item. Sadly, in the months that followed, Nikki revealed that their relationship hadn't lasted in the outside world, admitting at the time: I would like to think that he had genuine feelings for me but who knows? She asked me to say the prayer out loud, so she can keep the focus. I heard somebody passing by saying: Sure enough, just like on the hiking trail in Peru, Elisa kept counting train tracks and another mountain steps to keep her mind out of the way and reach Machu Picchu, this time, the Hail Mary prayer kept her mind, her body, her emotions and her spirit in the proper order to complete her higher mission.

And on our way we got reserved seats from above the clouds and the chance to watch the most beautiful spectacle of sparkling stars in all their glory. The easiest and fastest way is to keep going I would certainly lie if I would say that only Elisa had a hard time reaching the top. After the 8th station Taishi-Kanwhich seemed to repeat itself again and again, I also reached my limits. It was about 3: If we would stop to rest for more than few minutes at a time, the cold that would increase with the altitude would easily freeze the wet clothes going straight to our bones.

And to me, worse than a dark, rainy night is a freezing, wet night. I handed the job of keeping the purpose alive to Andrei, Stefan was always ahead of us, his resilience appearing so natural, and I was left to face my own limits. Each single step seemed to take tremendous energy to move it. Only if I could sleep for few minutes, even standing up, but the cold was a harsh guardian. It was Andrei that pointed out that, the easiest and fastest way to end it is to keep moving forward. Giving up is not a real option.

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Just as when we started the hike, we had the option of freezing in the rain over night, or hiking and keeping ourselves warm and reaching our destination. In my case now, if I stop here, I would weather freeze, or I would have to take the way backward through each single step that I have pursued so far. That would mean going down each single steep rock that I pushed myself to climb up. This looked nothing like an easy way. Then I thought that, once reaching the summit, I would still have to go down; but I remembered someone saying that there is an easier trail, better fit for going downhill. Suddenly it felt so much easier to keep moving forward.

We had only over an hour to make it on time for our date with the Fujisan and watch together the 5: This seemed like a much more inspiring and easier option than the way down. Like with other hard ways in life, the fastest and easiest way to get where you want is to just keep moving forward. Please Mind Your Head Reaching the summit was reserving me another surprise and at the same time valuable life lessons. It reminded me of his motto from the Salkantay trail: It always seems to work.

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It also goes back to one of the most frequent warnings that I saw in Japan: When you have your mind and your head in Bllnd order, there is no mountain that is too high. During our whole trip and even before, I kept being astonished by how natural the Japanese ways seem to him. I have to admit that his calmness, politeness, self-discipline, and amazing sense of order have nothing to do with my genes. No wonder he felt so connected with this country and its culture even before going there.

We kept our part of the deal and, after about seven hours of continuous hiking, we were on top of Mt. The great promise of the magnificent sunrise on top of Mount Fuji was legendary. It is said to be one of those experiences that would definitely add great value to your time on this life. Ok, maybe not with the blooming flowers, since we were in August, but at least something like this: Yes, I admit it. Instead, this is what we ended up with: We were able to see: This is what happens when you go on a blind date trusting the pictures from the internet:

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