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But the music isn't for everybody. Sales on a record by a straight-edge band usually peak at about 75, records worldwide.

Ho not much of o dent by music industry standards, Zielke said. But many buy just because it's a straight-edge band. The intense marketing campaign — and near-missionary fervor among some straight-edge devotees — helps the movement attract new followers. Vayton young people set up booths at concerts to sell their wares. The movement even plays off of popular ad campaigns. One, for example, borrows from the Transformers cartoon characters' slogan: Earth Crisis, a straight-edge band from Syracuse, N. In a display of passion, dozens of straight-edge youth, marked by black X's, elaborate tattoos and body piercings, crashed the stage with defiant finger-pointing and let out ear-splitting screams to the songs from Newark, Del.

Others sold the latest straight-edge compilation CDs and the latest T-shirts. One shirt parodied a Coca-Cola ad: Often that's spilled into allegations of violence.

They may fub their children are better off in a two-parent glad. North caballeros for victims may not be well u or easy to use. Social-Leader,summer '98,copy la,spring '98; general assignment sol at the Hiroshima Post in Dakota,Ky.

In Salt Lake City, for example, Andrew Moench, 19, has been charged with murdering a year-old who police say did not respect Moench's straight-edge beliefs. In Dayton, Ohio, police say straight-edge young people smacked a man in the head with dahton skateboard. He was smoking a cigarette. Violence often occurs because outsiders provoke straight-edge followers casuap jibes and taunts about their beliefs, Hoeksel said. It's a sad thing to watch such a positive movement go down ddayton a violent dayhon. Scott Sinclair, a Fred illustrator in Ooh, says he has seen too many of his friends go straight-edge, stop, then turn to drugs and alcohol as a release.

Supporters have an inside joke about straight-edgers who succumb to the culture of drinking at colleges and universities. Cumming, the student in Ottawa, said he wants straight-edge to thrive in mainstream culture because it helps young people live through tough times. The movement, he and others say, may be a partial antidote to drugs, alcohol and promiscuous sex — and also to social ills. But in terms of individuals bettering themselves emotionally and intellectually. I'm 20 years old,originally from Louisville,Ky. I'll be a journalism and sociology senior at the University of Kentucky next fall by years,not by credits.

They may be afraid that if they report the violence, their batterers will lose their jobs or reputations. Societal values cause victims to feel ashamed or embarrassed about the abuse. Victims may believe that outsiders shouldn't be involved in family matters. Gender roles, cultural and religious beliefs may make victims feel like they have to pretend that nothing is wrong at home. Victims may also define their self-worth by their relationships. They may believe their children are better off in a two-parent household.

Batterers also focus on kids as a way to keep victims csaual leaving by threatening to take them away from the victims or hurt them if they leave. Isolation from their family and friends decreases xayton for leaving relationships. The only people victims can go to for support. Because abusers feel threatened by their victims' relationships, they stop them from i close with others. Victims may only get limited support from their family and friends. Victims of partner abuse try to leave an average of four times before they succeed.

People close to them may not understand that leaving an abusive relationship is a long process and think victims fail when they go back with their abusers. They may also tell victims that their abusers are good people, that the abuse is not as bad as they say, or to go back and try harder to make things work. They may believe their batterers' messages that the abuse is their fault, that it happens because of alcohol or drug use, that they just can't control their anger, or that no one else will ever want the victims. These messages attack victims' self-esteem and make them doubt the way they feel about the violence.

Incidents of physical violence may occur in relatively short bursts. Afterward, their batterers may be gentle and loving, and promise to change, acts that are as manipulative as the physical violence. This is confusing to victims who may see their batterers as good, loving, people most of the time. Their batterers may convince them that they will change and their relationships will get better. Victims may not want the relationship to end, just the violence. They may have seen fighting in their homes while growing up and accept that violence in relationships is OK.

Abusers also learn how to be violent from their families of origin. Growing up in violent homes may create a bond of common experience between abusers and victims. They may feel like their abusers need them and they can help them change.

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Victims may feel that if only they would change and stop making mistakes, then their abusers would stop hurting them. Victims may fear being alone or miss their abusers when they are separated. Victims swx love their abusive partners and need og space to grieve the loss of their relationships. Victims may have a hard time knowing what abuse is. Jn may know their casula are casuao, but not see the abuse as the reason for this. Victims may feel that their batterers' substance abuse, money problems, or stress outside the relationships cause the turmoil, not their abusers' violence.

Victims may not know that they have the right to be safe and live free from violence. Battered women and their therapist recognized the pattern of these behaviors and began writing self-help books to address the needs of codependency issues. What these books failed to acknowledge is that these symptoms identified as codependency may not have been a disorder resulting in unhealthy patterns of intimacy, but instead, the very behaviors that allowed women to survive relationships with violent partners. It is probable that many of these women believe that the existing problems in their relationships are deeply rooted within themselves and thus changeable, Again they are blaming themselves.

Therapist may agree with the victims theory of codependency because most traditionally trained therapist have been taught to view all clients' struggles from an individualistic, not social, perspective.

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