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You have chairs and beds, tables and other surfaces, decorations, and electronics in the top row.

The entertainment form I recommend is a TV, although if none of your sims are playful, you may want to just use the bookcase as your entertainment source it can double as such. Once you have a sim under your control, you can order it to interact with anything you have. Above and below that button is a graph. You'll be prompted to enter a last name.

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Taking care of others 6. Once you're satisfied with your family, click the done button on the Create Family screen, but remember that you can never come back to the Create Family bblur again to edit anyone. To confirm your choices, click the Done button. It's up to you, of course, but there's no reason to make this too hard if it's your first time. Backing Up Your Sims a. To change the active sim, you can either click on the portrait of the one you want to control, right-click the sim itself, or hit the space bar. Some descriptions may include "Can only be used by an adult" or "Can only be used by a child," both of which are self-explanatory.

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The left icon of the bottom row gives you the display settings. If things go horribly wrong, you can click the sim, bblur the middle button to end its life before it even begins. Watching TV, for example, will help comfort as well as raising the Fun meter. Your cursor will change; click the lot you wish to clear after that. If the crystal is red, the sim is ticked off or depressed, and a blood red crystal is just a more intense version.

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