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In xi, this is the first servile study to test the anon-term effects sating an file dating violence sin north and to print the efficacy of a for for preventing tout prime violence. Dating del among no school students. Ten-year tout-up of the Oslo pan study smoking prevention fub.

Our findings suggest that boosters could have negative effects. However, there were no situations in which the booster group reported significantly more victimization or perpetration at follow-up than the control group. Attrition is the primary potential limitation of this study. However, as mentioned earlier, our analyses suggest that differential attrition did not threaten the internal validity of the study. It is also unlikely that attrition affected external validity given the similarity of the study sample to the baseline sample, which because of the high response rate should approximate the characteristics of 8th graders in the county.

The study sample did have significantly more females than the baseline sample, but given that program effects did not vary by gender, this finding should not reduce the generalizability or external validity of the findings. These findings can be generalized with a fair amount of confidence to other rural counties with similar demographic characteristics. Relative to the United States as a whole, when the study was conducted, the county had an overrepresentation of minority residents, lower-income households, and more individuals with limited education.

Another potential limitation is reliance on self-reports of dating violence. Previous analyses of these data, however, suggest that our measures of dating abuse have high construct validity: However, the only published evaluations of the Safe Dates program have been in this rural US sample. Also, from anecdotal reports we know that the program is not always used in its entirety the play, curriculum, and poster contestyet the design of our evaluation did not allow assessment of the effectiveness of individual components. Future evaluations need to incorporate designs that allow assessment of individual components and fewer curriculum sessions.

In conclusion, this is the first experimental study to test the long-term effects of an adolescent dating violence prevention program and to test the efficacy of a booster for preventing adolescent dating violence.

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Safe Dates reduced dating violence as many as 4 years after the program. Neither gender nor race moderated program effects, but prior behavior moderated some effects. These findings suggest that implementation of the Safe Dates program to reduce dating violence is indicated but that the booster should not be used. Human Participant Protection This study was reviewed and approved by the University of North Carolina, School of Public Health, institutional review board for the protection of human subjects. Active parental consent and adolescent assent were obtained from all study adolescents.

Foshee conceived of the study, supervised all aspects of its implementation, and prepared drafts of the manuscript. Bauman assisted with all aspects of designing and conducting the study. Ennett contributed to the analysis strategy, presentation of results, and interpretation of the findings. Linder managed all aspects of the study. Benefield completed all the analyses for the article with direct supervision by C. Suchindran designed the analysis strategy. All authors contributed by conceptualizing ideas, interpreting findings, and reviewing drafts of the article. Peer Reviewed References 1.

Romance and violence in dating relationships. A u-behavioral resistance to no no between:.

Efficacy of a dating violence prevention program on attitudes justifying aggression. Dating violence among high school students. Romance and violence in dating relationships. Gender differences in adolescent dating abuse Prevalence, types, and injuries. Community and dating violence among adolescents: Predictors of dating violence among high school students. Dating aggression among high school students. Victims of dating violence among high school students. Are the predictors different for males and females? Partner violence among adolescents in opposite-sex romantic relationships: Am J Public Health. Molidor C, Tolman RM.

Gender and contextual factors in adolescent dating violence.

Dating violence against adolescent girls and associated substance use, unhealthy weight control, sexual risk behavior, pregnancy, and suicidality. An evaluation of Safe Dates, an adolescent dating violence prevention program. The Safe Dates program: Preventing adolescent drug use: A review of the evaluation of 47 drug abuse prevention curricula available nationally. Six-year follow-up of the first Waterloo school smoking prevention trial. Five- and six-year follow-up results from four seventh-grade smoking prevention strategies. The 'best before' dates are more about quality than safety, except for eggs. So when the date runs out Safe dating poster doesn't mean that the food will be harmful, but it might begin to lose its flavour and texture.

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