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You will be husbadn for a healthy life and your husband will be thankful for a sexy lady in his life. Not only have you both not been building up to it, in his mind, it is yet another task to woo you just so he could get some action.

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Sex in a marriage can turn frightfully routine and dull and you need to change this asap. If your husband is anything of a respectful man with too brain he uses, he sees you differently than a pornstar he could get instant relief from watching. Almost all men put lacy underwear on their fantasy lists. As that fragrant hair tumbles over his face, he will be sexually interested in you once again like he was all those years ago. It is incredibly selfish to use marriage as a garb for being too lazy to take care of your own self or do those extra little things that stimulates your husband sexually. He will suddenly see you in a different light and maybe even get jealous of that handsome colleague who you seem to be very friendly with.

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And what better than some sexy lingerie! You go from being the couple who volunteers to help each other out in their tasks, to fighting over whose ieep the trashcan is. Tell him how difficult it has been for you to have waited all this while. If you can direct his attention to your mouth, how long do you think it will take him to go all the way in yes, that pun was intended. You look at your husband sitting right beside you on the couch and with all the access he has to your right now, he seems more interested in the TV than he is in you.

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