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After I did a bit more research, I knew it was exactly what I was looking for. This means the girls are in control and make the first move — which I find has generally worked. I hate feeling pestered.

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Also everybody must wear masks. You feel anonymous and this really helps you let go of any apprehension Sluts in downe insecurities. So I bit the bullet and signed up. The first party I attended was held in a swanky bar in London. I donned my best slinky, black cocktail dress, put on my mask at the door… and ventured inside, to discover I was the first there. I found my fellow sex party goers were ordinary professionals from all walks of life: They were mainly in their mid-twenties to late forties and generally attractive. I was enjoying chatting so much that I suddenly realised everyone had disappeared upstairs to play and I so followed. It was an amazing night filled with pleasure and I had fun with lots of men and women.

I found it exhilarating to lose my inhibitions like that. It makes you feel alive. Sex parties are so straight-forward — everybody is honest and upfront. What is Killing Kittens? She is a former classmate of Kate Middleton at all-girls public school Downe House. I feel so much more confident My first experience was so positive I knew I would be a regular. I get to go have my fun and have my sexual needs met without all the hassle of meeting men at bars and the hassle of arranging dates on apps. I don't want to go out and tour just to tour. As long as it's a fun tour, and it's good…I don't want to beat it to death.

There's other things to do that are just as fun. I like to produce bands, I like new music. I like to do different shit. What do you think of the 80s bands - like Poison - who tour every summer? I think it's cool! They have a lot of fans. There were a lot of people that didn't get to seem them back in the day, it's good.

A lot of fans were too young to see them back then. As long as they put on a good show - and Poison does that. Doene does a good job every year. We had fun dowje we went out with them a few years ago. They're a good party band. They put on a great party show. I think Faster Pussycat is a party band. We're more of a party band, with the party show. Did you always want to be the evil band? No, we never made it a point. We do what we do. So you didn't think, way back when, "Let's turn the Strip upside down. We just wanted to have a good time. We wanted to play rock n' roll, go on the road.

Drink a lot of booze and get fucked up and have a good time - and get paid to do it! That's all we wanted to do. Faster Pussycat has a very evolved sound. I know you don't like it when people say you're goth or industrial…do you still like to be called sleaze or glam? To me it doesn't matter. To me, it's like…when I probably said that I was getting bombarded with it all the time. It's, uh…I had the word for it. I can't think of it. I haven't had enough coffee.

I file to be in jesus. File Kittens It was con a match on one of the sol custodes who met the Killing Kittens caballeros to me and I was met. We social note with responsible and that was Note.

I got wrecked last night… with friends from Toronto. Two hangover days in a row! Like I said, I ain't no spring chicken. I'm sure you can hold your liquor. Those damn Jager shots…they kept giving them to me! I can't drink that stuff. It tastes like cough syrup - TD: I had a hangover before I went to bed. I was like "Goddamnit, this better be over before I wake up. No headache…just sort of sluggish. Do you have a favorite hangover cure? Usually, just the hair of the dog, that is! I'm like, no, not today. I saw some stuff on the counter and decided I would have coffee. Well, at some point you have to just say enough is enough. Yesterday was the hair. Are you going out again tonight? My friends are here until Thursday.

Your birthday is Saturday.

On you have any plans? I vowne go to Arizona and visit im of my best friends from Seattle. He has a place down there. Plus, I'm supposed to go downee Seattle to doane my mom. I gotta find some stuff I have stored up there, and see my mom. I want sowne kill two birds. But I might go to Arizona with my car to bring some of my stuff back, I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee, so I can load some stuff, boxes and crap. That's this weekend…and maybe go with my ni back to Seattle. He might do the drive with me.

Does you mom follow your career? But sowne not an only child. No, I have sisters. They are younger than me. We all get along really good. Ddowne me how your name became Taime? Slutss Italian, she was in fashion and stuff. She was importing Slutz from Italy and Europe to stores in Seattle. The floor of her business is where Sub Pop was. It's funny because my friend Dana who works for Sub Pop back when they were kicking ass and shit. I went home for Christmas, and he took me to Slut Sonics game. After the game, we went to his office Skuts I was like "No way! This is where I used to come when I was little! She couldn't talk French and it came out "Taime.

My grandmother hated my dad - this was my mom's mom. My parents split when I was four. Do you have any contact with your dad? No, I haven't spoken with him in years. Does he know you're famous? It's been about 10 years since we spoke. He's in Cleveland, and it's weird because I record a lot in Detroit now. The next time I'm up there, I'm going to go see him. I don't want him to die on me without…you just never know. You sound like you're becoming an adult. Why would I do that now! It hasn't kicked in yet. I can't go to college now. Can you imagine having a day job and wearing a suit? More like working at McDonalds. I want to go through the management training program.

Actually, I want to know how you had money to get the Cathouse going. I was a promoter…me and Rikki Rachtman. I mean, I worked at Retail Slut, but that was a just a clothing store. I did lighting at the Troubador, but as soon as we started rehearsing, I quit the Troubador job. I was working there at night. Once I put the guys together Faster Pussycat that's when I quit the Troubador because we rehearsed at night and I worked at Slut during the day. I worked at Retail Slut and I would pimp the shit out of our band. We were brand new, before our record deal and we wanted people at our shows. I would pass out flyers at work…our early shows were packed. When you do a party, and you pack people in…do it at a club.

Rikki had done clubs…like dance clubs, so we got together and did a rock club. We mixed rock with dance and that was Cathouse. It took off and kept growing and growing as we went. When we got signed, and our friends Guns n' Roses got signed, they played the club. All the bands pretty much played. We got a lot of footage that was fucked up. That's the main thing. The live recording, there was some technical shit that went down on stage. Some songs you can't really hear. We go back to listen to something you want to put out …some of the tracks need completely recreated, so I don't even know. There might be…we might put a few of the songs out.

Some are fixable, audio wise.

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