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Do something fun and spontaneous. Don't worry if it's awkward. Don't get mad over Instagram likes and Snapchat best friends. Life is too short. Plus, you never know what will happen Who knows? That random date you ask someone on might be the start of a beautiful relationship. Good luck in the future x m, I like Reply alalaletmeexplain blog Q tanna mon. I need to get people reading it before I can start to plan how to make money from it so please follow and share it with any of your friends who you think might like it. I really appreciate your words and your page! Comics, Overwatch, and Star Citizen: So m standing in line at the grocery store, which is unusual for me since I don't go to the grocery all that often on account of mother does most of the shopping, and even with the burqa l' m emotionally fra enough to start shakin uncontrollably if someone looks at me in a particularly intense way.

There's a woman with a kid standing in front of me, and the kid, an infant of some kind, is parked in the toddler seat, facing back towards me. But it seems to know that there's a human entity buried beneath the breathable black fabric stare back at it.

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Its eyes are blue though apparently a babies' eyes are blue and it is unnervingly attentive, more attentive than l think any other person in the entire store is more attentive than the mother, certainly, with her dead wrinkled and sagging eyes more than the cashier, who is averaging four yawns per minute the baby seems more attentive than its counterparts in adjacent aisles, most of which are staring at cell phones or tablets which are playing what is certainly nonsense to a month-old, but which still manages to hold attention just on the mere spectacle of flashing lights and images and exaggerated facial expressions, which very young people seem to love and look strangely like their parents, who are also staring cow-like into screens, and even check on their children with dull uncomprehending bovine rotations of the neck.

And I think to myself: On a bus, heading home from the city I am greeted by an incredibly nice Russian-sounding bus driver with a smile on his face. About 4 stops later in the valley, of course a bogan hops on with his skanky I assume girlfriend. May have been sister. May have been both. Nox may currently not be comfortable in small spaces, if crate training it should never be used as a punishment. These dogs can succeed with certain other dogs, but may be more selective or picky. Nox may require time to warm up and become comfortable in social settings with other dogs. The behavior department recommends slow introductions between Nox and polite resident dogs. Nox displays as a high energy dog during his stay at the care center.

He will benefit from daily mental and physical stimulation such as walks, runs, exercise, and play to positively direct his energy and enthusiasm. Average Suitable for an adopter with an average amount of dog experience Potential challenges: Nox jumped up on assessor with moderate intensity playfully several times during assessment, especially during Tag. When off leash with a female dog Nox is nervous. He will sniff her from behind but when she turns toward him he begins to tremble and moves his head away; moving away completely if she solicits play from him.

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