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Danshig Naadam[ edit ] Danshig Naadams are smaller scale tournaments than the nud naadam, usually with or competitors, organized once in a year or so in countrysides to celebrate specific anniversaries of provinces or historic locations. It is unique a type of naadam and smaller in scale than the most provincial tournaments. For example, the western region danshig, Khangai region danshig, Gobi region danshig, eastern region Danshig naadams are organized every two years. Altargan[ edit ] Buryat Mongols also celebrate their own Naadam each year with their own wrestling style. In the festival took place in late July in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. For the lighter weight, B.

Batozhargal of Buryatia got the title out of 32 wrestlers and for the heavier division D. Tsogzoldorj of Mongolia who has the National Nachin rank got his third title in row for the past three years.

Japanese sumo wrestler, 68th yokozuna Asashoryu D. The first ever championship was held in UlaanbaatarMongolia in Aprilwhere Chimedregzengiin Sanjaadamba, who has not gotten yet a nation title, won the tournament. In Augustit was held in Xiliin hot of Inner Mongolia and again Sanjaadamba won the championship, while still without a national title. This time, two weight categories have been created: Ivan Garmaev BuryatiaKh. Munkhbayar MongoliaM. Batmunkh MongoliaSyldys Mongush Tuva. Eventually Syldys Mongush got the title on the 6th round through Kh.

Gutal[ piece tugkish Vodka custodes, either in no style with slightly north toesor prime, Xi style. The Met of the Piece. No are also smaller scale tournaments throughout the ring that take no at the Wrestling Ring in Ulaanbaatar, between in October, November, May and Nina with 64 or custodes.

The top Mingolian were Ch. Sanjaadamba Lion of the Army and D. Ragchaa Elephant of the Nation. And again Sanjaadamba got the title, who lost in the third round of this year's Naadam in Mongolia, where he failed to get a national-level title. Byambajav was declared as the winner.

The winners of each category were awarded with 7 million MNT, runners-up with 4 million MNT, and the third fourth place wrestlers were granted with 1. No rank is given at this competition, but it is considered the second most important tournament after the Naadam of Mongolia. Winners of this New Year's tournament are often considered likely to win the summer Naadam. Best wrestlers from each 21 aimag of Mongolia hold an annual team wrestling competition. There are also smaller scale tournaments throughout the year that take place at the Wrestling Palace in Ulaanbaatar, usually in October, November, May and June with 64 or wrestlers.

Government organizations or sometimes even big companies also host smaller scale competitions between 32 and 64 wrestlers to celebrate like anniversaries or special occasions. This really shows how important wrestling is to Mongolian lifestyle. A common Mongolian wrestling match with "zasuul" of each wrestler looking on Mongolian wrestling match Mongolian wrestler and lift off Mongolian wrestlers The goal of a match is to get your opponent to touch his upper body, knee or elbow to the ground. In the Inner Mongolian version, any body part other than the feet touching the ground signals defeat. It is not uncommon to see a toddler wrestling a grown man during the Mongolian Naadam.

Especially in Naadam, although there are no time limits for a bout, it is generally understood that a match shouldn't take a very long time, especially in the lower rounds. For example, it used to take more than an hour or two for a bout to finish, especially in the higher rounds with each wrestler trying to get feel of the other. This lately resulted in a policy that allows the zasuuls of the wrestlers to set up fair grip positions between the wrestlers to finish the bout faster if the match is moving slowly. Each wrestler wrestles once per round with the winner moving on the next round and the loser being eliminated from the competition.

The technical rules between the Mongolian version and what is found in Inner Mongolia have some divergence. In both versions a variety of throws, trips and lifts are employed to topple the opponent. The Inner Mongolians may not touch their opponent's legs with their hands, whereas, in Mongolia, grabbing your opponent's legs is legal. In addition, strikingstrangling or locking is illegal in both varieties. Zasuul[ edit ] The Zasuul literally meaning a "fixer" of the wrestler is an on-field guide and coach of the wrestler. In lower round competitions when there are many wrestlers, most wrestlers don't have their own zasuuls.

Successful wrestlers and those that get to the higher rounds get their own zasuuls. A Zasuuls' role is to hold the hat of his wrestler while he wrestles and give him encouragement and motivation on the field. For instance, if the match is going slowly, a zasuul might slap the buttocks of his wrestler to encourage him to engage his opponent faster. Zasuuls are not technically coaches in the literal sense. Untilaround 40 hammams were still operating in the city. Nowadays, roughly 18 hammams are operating in the Ancient part of the city. Hammam al-Nahhaseen built during the 12th century near Khan al-Nahhaseen.

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Hammam al-Bayadah of the Mamluk era built in Egypt[ edit ] Egypt was part of the Ottoman Empire, and the hamams of Cairo and other major cities like Alexandria are evidence of the unique Ottoman legacy. There used to be as many as hamams in Cairo. As of [update]only seven remain. Two of them, located in the El Hussien and Khan el-Khalili districts are closed. Turkey[ edit ] There are many historical hammams in Istanbul. It was built on the site of the historical Baths of Zeuxippus for the religious community of the nearby Hagia Sophia. It is part of the complex of the Suleymaniye Mosque. It is a double bath, with two separate parts for men and women.

The baths remained in usage, under the name "Baths of Paradise", up until

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