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Lindsay Duncan joined the cast on December 6,leftoovers as a recurring guest star. Additionally, season 1 main cast members Michael Gaston and Annie Q.

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The Garvey family, Nora, and Matt move to Jarden at a time which coincides with an incident that leads to the disappearance of three young girls, followed by mass panic and chaos that threatens the town's safety and forces the Garvey and Murphy families to confront their inner demons. Lastly, while those in Miracle struggle to find what is lost, to reconnect, and get better, Kevin Garvey, Sr. Though no longer tormented by Patti, he still questions if an ordinary life is possible. Regina King appears in episode 2 only, and Janel Moloney features in two episodes. Margaret Qualley appears in the season's first episode only, with one subsequent voice cameo.

In addition, the Season 1 main title theme and the song "Let the Mystery Be" were both reprised for the penultimate episode and series finale respectively. She is also Tommy's friend, and Lily's biological mother.

Leftovers saison 3 wiki The

These characters' lives intertwine and collide as they find themselves in the middle of an ongoing conflict between the Guilty Remnant and the townspeople of Mapleton. He later relocates to Jarden, Texas and takes over its church. Opening credits and theme music[ edit ] The main title from the first season uses "The Leftovers Main Title Theme ", an original piece of music by composer Max Richteraccompanied by images like a fresco in the style of the Sistine Chapel. Formerly the Mapleton Chief of Police, he has been hearing voices in his head — an experience to which his son can now relate. The third and final season unfolds three years later, instarting 14 days before the seventh anniversary of the Sudden Departure.

Ann Dowd also returns to the main cast in episode 7 only.

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