Dating marshall cabinets by serial number

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Dating a Marshall cab

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As Michael Patrick stated: Amplifiers from this era must be dated within this time span based on their features, or component manufacturers and codes, including speakers, potentiometers and transformers. Marshall Logo unconfirmed item - It would seem that the 11" logos started later in the '70s What we know so far is your cabinet has plain grill cloth, which dates it from around to later 's. Those blackback Celestions also point to a 70s cab. GZ34 rectifier no longer used.

Marshall serial by Dating number cabinets

The watt Major was modified to match the normal panel layout and the active electronics where dropped. They are basically the same speaker, Celestion just used a different color ring for some reason. Single 50W Drake output transformers rated at 3, ohms, part numberfor 50W models. Larger black cabinet feet starting in Julychanged from small and gray.

Earlier in the '70s they were 6" and 9". A cabineta cab would have greenbacks. In the early '70s they were metal. I don't need to know the exact date. Cabinets of both the and designation in this era have many possible speakers in them and the tag is often wrong.

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