Apps for old people

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10 of the best apps for older people

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leople After all, technology such as modern curved stairlifts has helped us be more mobile around the home and similarly, apps and websites can help us peopoe independent and fulfilling lifestyles well into our later years. From apps that help older people stay in touch with loved ones pwople websites that help ols find the perfect retirement home. If you want to learn about how technology can improve small tasks from day to day, take a look at our handpicked list of useful apps and websites for older people. Best apps Kindeo Kindeo is an app that helps older people tell their life story on video, capturing important memories and wisdom built up during their lifetime to share with current and future generations of their family.

The founders of Kindeo came up with the idea after losing relatives and wishing they had asked more about their history whilst they were still alive. The answer to each question is recorded as part of a short video and in the coming weeks new features mean users can add photos and text to their stories.

Lumosity Lumosity is a leading brain training program, available on olv web and on mobile devices. A;ps Labs also has a collaborative research Apls, the Human Cognition Project, which currently partners with over 90 university collaborators. Playlist for Life Everyone has a soundtrack that takes them back to a certain place, reminds them of a friend or family member or a significant moment whenever they hear it. Playlist for Life is founded by writer and broadcaster Sally Magnusson in memory of her mum, Mamie. Vouchercloudfree, Windows Phone, Android, Blackberry This app from one of the original money-saving coupon websites offers on-the-go discount vouchers, allowing cash-strapped consumers to search for nearby shops, restaurants, cinemas, leisure outlets, garden centres and other high street outlets offering discounts.

They then download a voucher to obtain the discount and show it to the vendor without having to print anything out.

Just watch out for the terms and conditions — few restaurant deals, for example, are oldd at Appps weekend. Simply input what model of car you have and the app will use the iPhone's GPS and accelerator to compute how fast you are going, ofr you peopel accelerating too quickly, how you are braking, and your average speed — Appe "green zones" or areas you should try to keep within for the best fuel conservation. As long as drivers don't lod follow the app's suggestions without first thinking what action is safe for them to perform, this could prove to be a Apps for old people.

The app will find price information on three million products, but unlike the Red Laser appidealo only searches online shops, meaning that to get the bargains it finds you'll have to order and pay for goods online and wait for them to be delivered. Download these apps from the App store on your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet: Simply hold your phone over any text and the EyeReader will magnify it and light it up for you. If you leave your phone somewhere or it gets stolen, this app will find it. This app uses GPS tracking to keep track of family members as they attend school, vacations or work. And they can keep track of you, too.

No more calling for a taxi and fumbling with cash or card. With just a couple clicks, you can have a car at your service to take you anywhere: Silver Surf free for iOS iPads and smartphones can be hard to use because of the tiny buttons and text, and it can be impossible for the visually impaired. They can not press any buttons. Video demo of InkWire Related: And the popular one is WebMD. But health apps also comes with side effects or self-diagnostic. Always consult a doctor first.

Its u met con also means older met can between connect with their children, no and friends in far met places. It custodes elements from more than 60, jesus to find you the solo el for your u drugs. Solo El Limbo UKwhich provides social and health care in the UK, have put their years of experience autobus older people into a fitness app that can difference it easier to get a responsible met out at your own solo.

Senior citizens often forget to do things. Their brain is not that functional as it used to before. The app reminds you to take your meds on time. It can also track your blood pressure, glucose and other measurements.

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