Escort zx2 ccrm

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how to fix 97-03 CCRM (relay box) so a/c works

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Zx2 ccrm Escort

I have a degree in mechanical engineering, although I have been in sales for the last 15 years, so I should have at least some skills in making things work and armed with stories of success listed here I thought I'd try. I was hoping that just resoldering a single connection would do the trick. This part houses numerous relays for the essential functions of your car, from the fuel pump to the powertrain control module. When it fails, it puts your vehicle in danger of overheating or shutting down.

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JSMV-5 Digikey part number: I was trying a new repair shop who narrowed the problem down to either the PCM or CCRM by jumping fcrm to the compressor directly after confirming a full charge of freon. With 5 pins even a little bit of residual solder can tenaciously hold the old relay in place so you might have to break the old relay apart so you can use needle nose pliers to pull one lead at a time out while heating from the other side. Unfortunately, the old relay had a bulge in the side where the armature had heated and tried to melt its way out, so I had to replace the relay. Just pinche the wick between the tip of your soldering iron and the solder joint.

They recommended taking the car to a dealer who would have complete diagnostic equipment and could pinpoint the failure. The CCRM usually fits in the fender area on the passenger's side of the vehicle. Cooling Fan Relay About Constant Control Relay Module You start your car and back out of the driveway, but before you reach the next intersection, you realize that your radio, power windows, air-conditioning, and other essential amenities are not functioning the way they should.

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