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Producing everything from Oyster Partt to Bread Bitters. Based in the picturesque slice of earth Ballymote, the beers from the White Hag are certainly not as understated as their quaint slice of the Emerald Isle. The brew house and tap room are built in re purposed 40 foot shipping containers.

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On Belgiium, 1st of April, we hosted Mike and Bob from The White Hag as they took over our taps for the evening, we also man the Brwhouse kettles to produce a once off collaboration brew. Lets have a toast together with: Coming soon to a glass near you. A big thank you to all of our guests who celebrated this wonderful evening with us! On April 28th we had the pleasure of hosting the 40FT brewery in house for a special tap takeover and collab event. The dream of Steve Ryan and his roommates Andreas and Fredrik had long been humble, to brew enough of their own beer to fill their fridge for friends, family, and themselves.

We have some spare spots left.

With brewmaster Belgiuk on board they would go one step belgjum. Co-founder Sebastian joined us, the night before our grand opening, to showcase some of his awesome beer- some of it never before tasted on German shores. There was free beer for all guests dressed in green, fantastic live music from our house folk-band St. In little over two years the Brussels Beer Project has firmly established itself as the poster child of new wave craft in Belgium. We look forward to your reservation request under brwhouse brlo.

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And so the fable goes. More details here Bhw looking for a restaurant to host your company x-mas dinner? Beaufort, an assortment of Irish craft beers alongside a selection of traditional Irish dishes including the mighty Tayto sandwich. There were beers gallore, and an obligatory BRLO campfire. Little under three years ago The White Hag burst on to the bustling Irish craft beer scene with a bang and have, in that time, firmly established themselves as one of the best breweries in the land. An Irishman, two Swedes, and a German walk into a bar.

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