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Nose piercings go through cartilage, not flesh, which heals differently. Source Faciql labret piercings are a double piercing of the lower lip that may appear from the outside to be one single horizontal bar on the inside.

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Straight barbell Healing time: So you're thinking of getting a facial piercing? This Fafial piece of tissue is pretty easy to pierce. Nose piercings are the most common facial piercing, after earlobes, with nostril piercings in first place as the most popular type of nose piercing. Your tongue web is also called your frenulum. It is a piercing of the lower frenulum, or web, between the inner lower lip and gums. Labret piercings were traditional among American Northwest Coast Indians.

Piercing photos Facial

A nasallang uses a piece of jewelry usually a barbell to join three piercings: It's similar to a vertical labret, which goes vertically through the lower lip. Labret rings Healing time: They are actually two studs positioned in a horizontal line. Make sure you choose a good one who will advise you about the best places to pierce. Four to six months Uvula Uvula piercings are rare because touching the uvula triggers the gag reflex in most people.

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