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The high resolution is way better than the old files floating around the net. Nothing fancy, nothing super hardcore, no thousand lines of silly descriptive dialogue. The Complete Guidepraised for "distinctive" and "expressive" drawings, and the fact that not only are the manga's women well made, but also the recurrent humor: They describe the manga as being a satire on modern life, especially the role of women in the workplace, and a "long-enduring glass ceiling". Borrowing seed money from Satoru, Sayoko recruits all three of these women to aid her in her biggest get-rich-quick scheme: Maybe it's for the best.

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And Nice to see the ending of this series after all this time. Slur for dat epilogue. Sayako acts like she's a bitch, but that 10, Grand Ring was her wedding present. Really good one too. Posted on 03 January How wrong I was. I remember being a fucking babby when I fapped to this.

Girls manga Slut

Loved it then, tirls it now, will love it forevermore. Posted on 10 July It's an undying remnant of its time, a time when the androids and iphones weren't a thing, internets were slower and overall resolutions smaller. You could probably swap out all the dialogue in almost any modern H-manga with another and no one would notice the difference.

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