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I print not just their first name but also their last custodes too. Is 6 elements too little or too much?.

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Genuin avoid falling for a 6 minutes talking to them - chat rooms in india. Excellent host and privacy protection! Male, 28 years, Media Planner Advertising The manner in which it was conducted and the quality of individuals present. Female, 25 years, Art Director Advertising There was a good mix of women of them had done sky diving and a lot them were into trekking, both my fav actitivities.

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Male, 27 years, First officer co-pilot with leading airline U really keep your word when you say you do the checking befr intros. Met some absolutely lovely guys! Female, 34 years, Ad agency executive The fact that both parties have to say yes for contact information exchange to actually happen. Female, 25 years, Analyst at MNC bank Since on certain seats, we were sitting side-by-side, it ws difficult to talk Sitting facing each other wud hv been better. All current events have singles sitting face to face. But we've just added a feature that makes it easier for participants to remember everyone they met.

You are free to have a formal or a lighthearted chat, it's up to you. But we've just added an ice breaker idea which helps make interactions more chilled out and less formal. But then again, u meet sum1 wid whom u hv nuthin in common and at that time, the "bell" is eagerly awaited.

Like 4 to 6. Anyone can search online with online responsible Mumbai and our met would be the first to pan on the medico.

So basically there was nuthin really that I did not like. Female, 32 years, Gsnuine Owner SpeedCoffee responds: Is 6 minutes too little or too much? The Genuinne is still out on this one. Just I would have Genuinne that everybody had the full name on their name tag. I mean not just their first name but mumbaai their last names too. Male, 34 years, Business Analyst SpeedCoffee responds: Providing full name makes it easier to trace a person online after the event and attempt to make contact with them even if they marked you NO. Also, a person's last name can sometimes make us judge even before we interact with them. Hence, no last names. I wouldn't mind it just being a social experience, and to figure out the rest later.

Male, 31 years, Business Owner SpeedCoffee responds: And btw, when a woman asks what you do, it's a good sign, it means she is interested enough to want to know more. And if most girls asked you that, you probably did a lot of things right!

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