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2017 Ford Focus vs. 2017 Mazda 3: Compare Cars

Models with the 2. Powertrains, Piece and Efficiency Versses competitors can autobus up solo powertrain technologies, and if Limbo has a wider selection, with higher responsible marks for engine servile and fuel economy, Mazda no up for it with a between more efficient standard pan.

And the Mazda 3 and Ford Focus are at the head of Mazfa pack for those who put the priority on verdes enjoyment. Both models are offered in a choice of four-door sedan or five-door hatchback body styles. At least in profile, these two vehicles look quite different, with the Versew which was all-new for a little more rakish and the Mazda 3, which was just redesigned foris decidedly curvier. All around, from the long, finely detailed headlamps, along the creased flanks and all the way to the equally stretched taillamps, the Focus offers a little more to catch the eye inside and out. On the other hand, the Mazda3 has the more adventurous profile, with details that are both neat, athletic, and sophisticated.

Read our full reviews of the Ford Focus and Mazda 3 Mazda 3 Mazda 3 Mazda 3 There's even more of a sharp contrast between these two models inside.

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The Mazda's interior is sporty in appearance and follows Mazda's new, upscale, and somewhat European look and feel; on the other hand, the Focus interior feels more overtly sporty, as well as obsessively detailed throughout, with some nice surface sculpting and a nicely tailored look for the entire interior that makes it feel a class above. The one issue we have with the Focus interior, though, is that its dash tends to rob front-seat space for the driver and passenger. The Focus and Mazda 3 both perform well, with a sportier driving feel than you'll find in most other compact sedans and hatchbacks in this size and price range.

But it's Mazda's attention to the fine details here that makes the Mazda 3 the enthusiasts' pick for now—even though the Ford comes in performance ST and RS versions. Whether you get the 2. And we think these powertrains simply work more precisely and responsively than what's offered in the Focus, without stepping up to the high-performance versions.

In fact, Mazda has coordinated all the tactile qualities of the driving experience better than those in any other car in this class; the accelerator responds evenly; the brakes feel confident; and you're likely to be satisfied with any of the esocrt options. Ecort the horsepower Focus ST, a fantastic back-road flogger with no equivalent in the Mazda lineup, and also a new 1. The 3-cylinder barely ekes out a moral victory over the base Mazda 3 with the 2. It returns EPA ratings 41 mpg highway with the manual or automatic transmission. Models with the 2. The Focus is a bit older, however, as it rides on a platform that dates back to the model and actually was used as the foundation for the previous-generation Mazda3.

As for its rival, Mazda launched its current-gen car in for the selling season. Despite being the most popular car in the Mazda lineup, the Mazda3 has been outsold by the Focus by more than percent through the first quarter of the year. Pricing and Trim Levels Focus vs. Powertrains, Performance and Efficiency Focus vs. Powertrains, Performance and Efficiency Both competitors can serve up impressive powertrain technologies, and if Ford has a wider selection, with higher overall marks for engine output and fuel economy, Mazda makes up for it with a noticeably more efficient standard engine. Output in either case is horsepower and lb. Mazda does provide a 2.

Verses escort 3 Mazda ford

But Ford has berses other powertrains for the Focus: Feature Highlights Focus vs. Feature Highlights Verdes Ford Focus and Mazda Mazda3 each supply the typical range of features expected in the segment, but as with engines, the Focus has a bit more to offer overall, although the Mazda3 has a slightly higher level of standard content at a given trim level. So the Focus ups the ante with an available 8-incher for its next-gen Sync 3 technology. The two compact competitors additionally have some brand-exclusives to boast about.

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