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Holkers prices are Baht for a Thai Massage hookesr Baht for an oil hoooers for 2 hours. One place I went to charges 99 Baht for a big beer, 40 Baht per lady to sit with you and Baht per 5 songs she sings with you. Most bars close at 1am and there is no option to take out the girls before that. The karaoke bars are also the few places you can meet some ladyboys, especially the bar on the main road has a bunch of quite attractive shemales working. Street Hookers in Nong Khai The area where you would expect street prostitutes to wait for customers at night in Nong Khai is obviously the river promenade.

Not a problem really since there is no shortage of options to get laid in this town. Almost half of the shops are actually restaurants and the other half consists of mostly fashion and accessories shops and fewer tourist stuff than you might be used to from elsewhere.

I somehow thought in my mind that holkers I was an anthropologist and came from south america I would cope just fine. As soon as I landed in Bangkok I realised I had been probably quite naive. It took me a while to accept that being in a less than 50 houses spread around village surrounded by rice fields where no farang went, with no running water, sauna like heat, not understanding language or culture was way more challenging that I had previously imagined. My catharsis happened then in a Buddhist funeral.

Then things suddenly fell in place and I learned to love the simplicity of it. It is strange how some knowledge is just embodied. Many times I was asked how was it that I got along in that little village without really knowing the language at all. Actually it took me weeks to find out they spoke Lao and not Thai. Yet all I remember is that ffind did communicate. From what I understood, tp places open and close quite often since most customers in Nong Khai are only interested to get the cheapest beer they can. Many of those businesses don't make a profit and they are just little toys to keep the wives busy.

As you can expect, the girls are not exactly the prettiest you'll meet in Thailand, but who knows you might get lucky. The closing hours are flexible and change every night depending on the customers. In general, only a few places will be open after 1AM. They are typical of those you may have already visited in Thailand: A beer pub with a live band singing in Thai. They are normally free to enter, and then inside it will cost you around 70 THB for a beer and THB for a whisky bottle. The best one is probably Yellow Bus near the riverside. It opened in and it attracts a crowd of young Thai people.

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However, the fond side of avoiding conflict is that when shit gets thrown at these people they just smile and take it. Serious topics — often the most interesting — are avoided. Saturday the 31st Yet another Nong Khai surprise: I by chance wandered into town the day before a major Buddhist event, the annual candle festival. I learned the procedure by watching those around me:

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