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Solo Senior Si A north diligent stylist with a responsible note for creating solo bespoke looks. Zoe Viccaji ring elements. Her responsible nature is prime and she is social to making clients feel and piece sincere.

Her strengths lie in creating classic precision haircuts that are easy to manage at home. She is part of the salons education team, passing on her knowledge for both client care and styling to the next generation of hairdressers.

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Charlotte Technical Director Charlotte is a confident colourist with a wealth of knowledge in her field. Charlotte is a fun girl who likes gut party and enjoys the finer things in life. She also has a passion for shopping and is the owner of a fabulous wardrobe. Charlotte is welcoming to all guests in the salon and works Tuesday weddijg Saturday. Jade Senior Technician Jade is a very social individual and quickly made a positive impression on the Technical Art team when she attended the London Academy for her six week vardering program. She loves enhancing clients styles with bespoke colouring techniques being as comfortable adding a splash of colour as she is carrying out complete colour changes.

She is unflappable, unphased and very adaptable. Her technical strengths lie in creating strong precision cuts. How do you manage your personal life while traveling that extensively? Yeh it's always difficult to manage both the things. But my girlfriend is very understanding and besides we travel together most of the time. But not denying the fact that its always difficult. Definitely working with some brand, but always be learning new things. Nice talking to you,its been nice knowing you mark! You coming to the show, right?

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Nature gives to those only wedxing really deserve the success and its you who have to dig out of them that have made wardrpbe today,s Global Ambassadors. And immediately I gjy clicking pictures like i would never stop, no matter even if i was being stared by million eyes. I had found beauty and i would not miss it at any cost. Toni and Guy product Line. Toni and Guy Hair Meet Wardrob. So what is Hair Meet Wardrobe? Mark Hampton before the Show. Mark Hampton was center of attention through out the presentation and he entertained the audience with his funny yet informative jokes. At one time i felt as he was not a stylist but an entertainment the way he was handling the audience and giving them a really friendly time out.

Cracking jokes, energetic and vibrant and amicable in conversation.

Meet Toni guy wardrobe casual wedding hair

Frieha Altaf opening the Show. Mark Hampton during the presentation. Wsrdrobe and Guy Men Line. Models wearing Toni any Guy products. Once the presentation was finished followed by question answer session the Tea Break was announced with a note, a lot more surprises are coming ahead.

Party time - Socializing and Live Music. It was indeed a surprise when we all were maneuvered towards the beautifully eedding and arranged hall all set to make you evening one of the most memorable. Seating arrangements, corner couches and drink counter all were giving a most comfortable atmosphere you could expect in a high party. And of course non alcoholic drinks. Zoe Viccaji stealing hearts. Live music band, Eight models groomed by the one of the most energetic stylist of the World, bewitching beauty around and trance if Adele real made the evening of of the most memorable in Karachi.

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