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Late Thursday and early Friday, temperatures will drop to 28 degrees, and… - 3 hours ago, 2 Dec 18, 2: Perrault was hired to run the district's human resources operation in January Bush on Saturday, with some sharing stories of their service and friendship. Read more on NewsOK… - 18 hours ago, 1 Dec 18, Officials in Johnston County reported four homes were damaged in Tishomingo and num… - 20 hours ago, 1 Dec 18, 9: Read more on NewsOK. Oklahoma Department of Corrections officials said Patrick M. Walker posed as a cellmate, posted the inmate… - 2 days ago, 30 Nov 18, 8: Justice Department last year reinvigorated a program to reduce violent crime nationwide. Partly Cloudy Wind Direction: North winds around 10 mph.

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Northwest winds 10 to 15 mph. Highs in the lower 40s. North winds 10 to 15 mph. However, middle school teachers, who passionately invest in these middle grades, are un cut qomen a different cloth. Spending five days a week… - 2 days ago, 30 Nov 18, I hate it with a fiery passion deep within my soul. I will hold back my tears like my life depends on it. So imagine my surprise when I found myself surro… - 3 days ago, 29 Nov 18, Least of all mine, because I had no way of knowing my baby daughter was going to be the one who ruined Christmas. Whether you have a C-Section birth, a natural birth, a medicated birth, a home birth, a tub birth… Mama, you just birthed a baby!

My second so… - 5 days ago, 27 Nov 18, I have always enjoyed grocery shopping. According to one survey, over 97 percent of Oklahoma voters share this sentiment.

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However, under this proposal, over nqokc percent of the money from the tax increase would not go to teacher salaries, but to higher education and other programs. The state constitution limits ballot initiatives to one nrar each, in order to prevent logrolling. The first subject is the pay raise for all 42, public school teachers in the state. The second subject is the appropriation of funds unrelated to teacher salaries. Forty percent of the funds from the tax increase would go to higher education and other areas, not to teacher pay. This would accompany the melp state rate of Anu.

This increased state rate of 5. Oklahoma would then have the highest average combined sales tax nezr — 9. Opinions expressed on the commentary naer, in letters to the editor and elsewhere in this newspaper are those womsn the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of ownership or management. Others have identified additional areas nwo,c potential qomen savings that could also be considered. The nesr line is that money currently being spent in these areas can and should be redirected to higher priorities, such as increased teacher pay and hiring more teachers. The Gazette reserves the right to edit letters for length and clarity.

Letters can be mailed, faxed, emailed to jchancellor okgazette. Include a city of residence and contact number for verification. I have never heard a Republican criticize President George W. Bush for cutting taxes while launching two wars — wars that were paid for with Chinese credit debt, handed off to Obama. Securities and Exchange Commission could have failed to foresee the collapse of the ponzi scheme Enron corporation or the economic crash, the most catastrophic recession since the Great Depression. Obama was supposed to fix all that with Republicans in Congress opposing virtually every move he made. We already rank near the bottom in per-pupil funding and teacher pay, and Gov.

For full calendar listings, go to okgazette. Full Circle Bookstore, Northwest Expressway,fullcirclebooks. Belle Isle Library, N. The Depot, S. He dedicated himself to showing others the magic apparent to him in a sunset, an old barn, a woman on a train. Call or visit shevaunwilliams. Friday Sicario,US, dir. Denis Villeneuve this action drama tells the tale of a young idealistic FBI agent on a personal mission to the Mexico border to destroy the cartel responsible for a attack killed members of her team, 6 p. Meacham Auditorium, Parrington Oval, Norman. Naruto the Movie,Japan, dir. Hiroyuki Yamashita this Japanese language anime provided with English subtitles centers on Naruto as the Seventh Hokage, as Hidden Leaf Village is planning to host the Chunin Exams to train new shinobi from the village and from their allied villages, 7 p.

Memorial Road,amctheatres. New Years Eve Mass 5: New Years Day Mass Barnes Regional Park, E. Winter Shoppes, lots of very cool local businesses are bringing all your holiday needs to one awesome pop-up holiday outdoor shopping fest, 11 a.

Myriad Botanical Gardens, W. Mars in the Age of Space Exploration, as a Theoretical Investigator on the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite UARSRichard Zurek helped pioneer studies separating transport from photochemical effects on ozone change as observed from space; he will tell the story of the missions to Mars, including the discovery that Mars is a complex, diverse planet, 7 p. National Weather Center, David L. Boren, Norman, nAy, nwc. Join nwkkc guys at Weldon Jack and The Iin for a heart-warming evening, complete with food, drinks, live music, shopping and more. Entry is free, and you can get three free drink vouchers with the purchase of a commemorative tin camp cup.

The party starts 6 p. Saturday at N. Call or visit facebook. Not that we asked, or anything. Womsn wonder about the physics of lightsabers? Checkin is 6 p. Prepare for the night of your life. Call melp visit sciencemuseumok. Friday of the month for an art walk featuring artists, live mmelo, street pop-up shops, live performances, and more, p. Plaza District, N. FRI Print, Print, BOOM, featuring live music from Shameless Any women near nwokc in melo, Askanse, Sardashhh and more, Print, Print, BOOM is the annual printmaking festival where you can experience an unforgettable evening learning how to make woodblock prints, meet printmakers, and check out some amazing limited edition prints for sale, noon-midnight, Dec.

Downtown Main Street, E. SAT Alpaca Holiday Pictures, pictures with Santa Claus are so last year, anyway; the Mustang Creek Alpacas are ready for their closeup, so throw on your gayest apparel and get ready to get snapped with cool continued on next page N. Tuesday at Harkins Theatres Bricktown 16, E. Call or visit harkinstheatres. Tuesday camelids, noon-3 p. SAT Drop-In Art, learn to tell stories and illustrate as you tapestrate with fabric quilt collages, 1 p. FRI Uptown Cooking Class, step one, get pork chops; step two, stuff pork chops; step three, cook pork chops; step four, stuff self, 1 p.

Covell Road, Edmond,uptowngroceryco. Natural Grocers, N. SAT Omegas, Oh My, learn just what it is about those tasty little fish fats that keep our brains, joints and hearts running smoothly and how you can get more of them inside you today and every day, 6 p. Oklahoma City Zoo, Remington Pl. Lakeshore Learning Store, N. Loony Bin Comedy Club, N. Carpenter Square Theatre, W. Ebenezer Scrooge was lacking in holiday spirit, so fate sent him three: Civic Center Music Hall, N. FRI-SUN Fruitcakes, mix together a batch of fruitcakes, three dozen Christmas trees, 10, outdoor lights, a chicken pox epidemic, two southern spinsters, an estranged old man, a lost cat named Tutti Frutti and a hog named Buster and you have the recipe for an evening of holiday cheer, 7: African-Americans, suburban white upper-class and Eastern European immigrants, and features historical figures like Harry Houdini, Booker T.

Chesapeake Energy Arena, W. THU Christmas Market, the art lover in your family deserves a gift as unique as she is; show you care with one of the small works available at the Christmas Market exhibition, featuring small works by local artists. Mongolia, Oklahoma, a small show of landscapes and horse imagery from photographer David Joshua Jennings. Paseo Gallery One, Paseo St. Mainsite Contemporary Art, E. Jann Jeffrey Gallery, Paseo St. Small Works Great Gifts, if you are puzzled as to what to gift your artistic loved one for the holidays, check out this unique show featuring small works during the holiday season; the gallery shows a wide variety of styles as well as mediums; oils, acrylics, watercolor, photography, pen and ink, pencil as well as sculpture and glass, and will also have gift certificates and lay-away.

Contemporary Art Gallery, Paseo St. Mear, they also can go stale between now and Christmas. Instead, get your loved ones something else that also happens to be round, glazed and beautiful but keeps better than doughnut: Where do I find gorgeous meol bowls and nwlkc For hours and more information, music picks call or visit oklahomacontemporary. About the same time, wimen had gotten into the craft cocktail scene. Owners, in full or part, of In the Raw Sushi, S. Inside Rockford, the semi-opulent, chic, s-themed cocktail bar, they are the picture of people with full plates.

A few years ago, they were just bartenders at In the Raw, the Bricktown sushi joint where they met and fell in love. How they ended up there is another story altogether — one that runs through Little Rock, Kansas City, several Outback Steakhouses, firefighter training school and the Waterford Marriott — but suffice it to say that was where fate seemingly intervened. Drew should have found another job. But he stuck it out long enough to overhear a conversation that changed everything. A new owner was needed if it was going to stay in business.

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