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The Challenge: Final Reckoning (Spoilers Discussion)

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Elizabeth Entenman March 30, 2: Sure, at this point the involvement of Road Rules is questionable at best. I feel like I know these people. Through 24 seasons, The Challenge has pushed its contestants up mountains, across oceans and out of planes.

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There have been deliberations, immunity and alliances. Competitors have gone up against exes and enemies and former roommates. To see CT with Diem is to see him at his most human. This was a big moment not only for their relationship, but also for Diem becoming more comfortable in her own skin. I remember Mike volunteering himself to go against Abram in the Gauntlet, saying it was his time to step up. Regardless of which team you were rooting for, everyone was thinking the same thing: Someone is about to lose the heart and soul of their team.

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