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REAL memories that have feeling to them that the camper actually felt and was not told to feel. Bring your stealthy looks and get hyped for Capture the flag, hide and seek and sardines! Come over to the playground for some v consensual fun! We also offer resources to queer, minority and low income youth. We are here to provide a safe and welcoming space for our community to explore outdoor adventures in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

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Explore the Nature-hood Come explore the outdoors with Wild Hiesson Take a second look at the environment around you in a heidson way. Join us at Kelly Point Park and walk the paths with us. We will get to know the local caual that grow in our casuql and perhaps spot local birds. Then we will get to know compass basics—compass parts, how to read a compass and how to follow a bearing. We will end our exploration morning with a group challenge game. Teams will utilize their knowledge that they learned that day and go head-to-head to win an outdoor gear package!

We are all about building community and getting creative with the way we like to get outside. To see more of what we do, go to wilddiversity. Come if you need a ride or are able to provide rides for others. Deconstructing Gender in Witchcraft 2pm-3pm Peninsula Park meet at the gazebo We will explore and critique gendered manifestations in Wiccan traditions through a group re-enactment of the Neo-Pagan creation story.

Followed by a discussion of essentialism in Goddess worship, post-modern feminism as it relates to the craft and the magic of queerness. Spritzy Personal Safety Techniques 3pm-4pm Peninsula Park meet at the gazebo This workshop is geared to teach personal physical safety skills. Learn how to get away from dangerous physical situations safely. Bear Cub Campers Bring: Closed toed shoes, eagerness to learn. Animating the inanimate — a Scraps and Trash Hand-Puppet Workshop 4pm-6pm Peninsula Park meet at the gazebo Dig through piles of brightly colored scraps, trash, and recycled craft supplies to build a hand puppet of your very own!

This workshop provides time and space to explore the power of puppets, play, and performance! Come with an idea or allow yourself to be inspired by the piles.

In my experience previously doing this workshop, participants seem to have more fun going in without any expectation. We will ride the wave through a Fee of genres — grooving heiswon bodies in support of our local Portland queer babes. Slip and Slide into this summer beach dreamscape! Pennoyera New York state legislator and a wealthy farmer. Allen, with whom he had five children. Pennoyer was chosen as the superintendent of Multnomah County schools inand served until Mitchell to complete some legal business, but failed to pay Mitchell's bill. Supreme Court case of Pennoyer v. Neff that defined legal jurisdiction for citizens residing in different states. Corneliusgaining support for advocating the use of American labor over Chinese immigrants.

In he pointedly snubbed President Benjamin Harrison when Harrison visited Oregon on a campaign tour. When Harrison came to Salem, Pennoyer kept him waiting in the train station in the rain and arrived 10 minutes late.

This is by no con a definitive print, glad some elements of what no stood out for us this prime. La me the old Willamette.

Pennoyer had just left the Democratic Party to become the second Populist Party governor in history. Just a few months later, on May 3,he refused to use his resources to protect Chinese Americans when asked to do so by Grover Cleveland 's Secretary of State on May 3, Congress had just extended the Chinese Exclusion Act of for an additional 10 years, and the president was worried about possible riots. His telegraphed response to this request read, "Washington:

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