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InThe Reverend Nicholas J. Endres described his two-day eacort, as a newly appointed Roman Catholic priest, from Casper to Thermopolis: Mile after mile of lonesome thermpoolis, broken up in zigzag fashion by dry creeks, ravines and gullies, and in the long, far-away distance, the blackness of the mountains. It took a day to reach Shoshone, a little place of tents, horses, wagons and saloons. There was none in sight. Some men told me where to go for breakfast. It was a saloon, but in the back was a kitchen.

My breakfast consisted of a big platter of steak, flanked by fried potatoes, a stack of pancakes, thermooplis and biscuits, all for fifty cents. This over, a stage coach with four horses drove up in front of the small hotel. The proprietor must have been disgusted when a poor cleric was the only passenger. The first ten miles of sand and badlands were soon covered, and the slow ascent of foothills began.

The horses walked now. The clouds, dense and black, covered the whole mountain. The snow fell thick and fast and as we climbed higher, I sat shivering in the big coach, a lonely boy, and wondering "What next. The cook was a crank. I wanted to warm my feet, and the gruff fellow said: We dropped some 2, feet into a small basin, surrounded by foothills. No snow had reached the valley. The streets were one mass of flour-like red dust, accumulated from the long dry season of Summer and Fall. Extension Magazine June, Roman Catholic Church, Thermopolis, Although the present city on the east side of the Big Horn was not founded untilthe area across the Big Horn River on the west side of the river at Owl Creek was settled in by the Anderson Brothers.

The Anderson's original intent was to establish a bean farm, but they ended up founding a town, variously known as Andersonville, Anderson's Hog Ranch, or, after the founding of Thermopolis, "Old Thermopolis. The "professor" playing the piano was George Carwile. Boxes of sawdust served as cuspidors. The customers apparently were not very good in their aim. The damsels were described as being "a bit weather beaten and none too youthful. Prior to the construction of the bridge, passage across the Big Horn was by means of a rope ferry. Ferry across the Big Horn, undated. Photo by Arthur O. The population on the east side of the river was sparse, consisting of Ed Enderly who ran a store, Mrs.

The robbery, on June 2,in which they blew up the mail car, was featured in the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Indeed, Ed Farlow, later recalled that the area was a headquarters for the Hole-in-the-Wall gang. He noted "It was not unusual to see five or six of these men in one of the saloons at night, drinking and gambling. I was on intimate terms and very well acquainted with all of them and knew their business. In July,Sheriff John J. McCloud was suspected of murder. The Federal Government also wanted McCloud's assistance in their inquiries as to the robbery of the Basin City post office.

Twice the Sheriff headed out toward Basin City with his prisoner. Twice the Sheriff had to retreat back into Thermopolis when confronted with outlaws determined to free their comrade.

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In Thermopolis it was hardly better. A correspondent for the Sheridan Enterprise, July 25,described the roads leading into Thermopolis as being "lined with armed and mounted men. There were cattlemen, cowboys, sheepowners and herders, farmers and settlers from the surrounding hills. The sheepmen also desired to liberate McCloud from the sheriff's custody, but they had in mind demonstrating to McCloud their proposed usage of a telephone pole. The farmers and settlers were there to watch the festivities.

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McLoud was suspected of having also been a central figure in a brewing war between cattlemen and sheepmen. It ultimately became necessary for the state Adjutant-General, Frank A. Stitzer, to dispatch a unit of the Wyoming National Guard from Basin City to Thermopolis to escort the sheriff and his prisoner on a fast over-night ride back to Basin City. See Report of Adjutant-General dated October 29, McCloud was sent to Cheyenne where he was housed in the same jail as Tom Horn and escaped at the same time.

As was Horn, he was recaptured and served a term in Rawlins. A hold was on him from the federal government and he was returned to Leavenworth from which he had escaped prior to his adventures in Wyoming. Just how secure the Basin City Jail was is debateable. The previous week Sheriff Fenton had removed two murderers from the jail out of fear that the jail would be stormed and the prisoners would suffer the ignominy of an illegal exeution. If necessary they may hold an incoming call then summon the extension user and announce the caller before passing forward the call. A module station may wish to be undisturbed for a period of time and therefore arranges to transfer all its calls without interruption by means of a divert facility.

The divert facility is fairly rigid, however and may only be effected as below: This is due to the fact that the two wire station has been given limited facilities and would not normally have exchange line access in its own right. Warning Note - the intercom circuit is non-secret! Any station lifting its handset and preparing to make a call will be connected to an internal conversation which is already in progress; until they make their own intercom or exchange line call. On a 2 line exchange system the customer may allow extension 4 the exclusive use of the 2nd exchange line.

Other users will see the line status of line 2 but may not access it. However, STN 4 may transfer line 2 to other extension users. Enquiry or shuttle calls are available either between extension and one exchange line or between two exchange lines. An extension with exchange line access may hold a call on one exchange line and if the other exchange line is free make an enquiry call on that line at the same time. Alternatively the extension may hold the exchange line call and enquire at another extension or shuttle between the two. Most of the extensions are fitted with Key modules and allow full system and exchange line access.

However, there may be some areas where call abuse may happen; in which case normal 2 wire telephones are fitted without key modules and calls are made through the operator station 2. Conference calls may be set up between 1 exchange line and 2 extensions; the exchange line call may be incoming or outgoing. However, other stations may be brought into the conference by the originating stations making enquiry calls to other stations. Internal conference calls may be set up with as many as 4 stations. With mains powerfail calls will drop back to stations 1 and 4 on a two line system station 4 must be programmed so that this occurs.

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