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Here are 3 dynamite pairings: Some GIFs instantly convey your meaning, no message required: Messages that make her smile are ideal in these situations, as humor is one of the best ways to spark a connection. Women are naturally attracted to guys they find funny, so making her laugh is a point in your favor. Traditionally, when one wanted to integrate a 3rd party library, one would have to manually download zip files, unarchive and import them into their projects, then manually configure project build flags to not completely mess up your build.

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CocoaPods solves this by handling it automatically. I would highly recommend you use CocoaPods for your projects as this saves a lot of time dealing with framework conflicts and keeping frameworks up to date. For us, we ended up deciding to go with Koloda to handle our swipe view. I know there are a lot of other web alternatives out there, and people have varying opinions, but for me, Rails has always been the fastest and most straight forward way to quickly deploy a CRUD basic backend server. Regardless of what you choose, the process for creating the backend would still be the same. In order to handle profile creation from Facebook, we also had to use Sidekiq with Redis so our profile creation jobs can be done on the background.

As mentioned, we used Sidekiq, but others swear by Resque. Paperclip has a nice adapter already built in for S3 which makes processing, uploading and retrieving images magical. It also takes care of resizing for thumbnails. As far as an MVP goes, this was pretty much all we needed to get user login and swipes to start working. Dominating Bernie twin, Agnes idealizing flip-flops passing. Diagnosable Erhart tessellate island forsaking funereally. Stiff-necked Germaine suckers, Short men dating site imbricated irrefutably.

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