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Carlton and Yolanda finally take a trip to the friendly neighborhood House of Wicca, which has much more natural light than I would have suspected. Carlton shows Yolanda different candles that all have semi-spiritual names like "Cleansing Candle.

The saleslady explains that after you burn the candle, you can bring it back eluts so they can do a reading on Sceen effects. Good to know that even purveyors of magic candles can run a scam. Also, Carlton is wearing a traditional Wiccan dog tag necklace. I'm going to skip right to the most important part of this show: Carlton put a curse on Kyle's computer screensaver. Kyle heads over to Joyce's house to hash out the final deets of their big -- and most likely disastrous -- vacation to Puerto Rico.

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All of a sudden, a super dramatic look washes over Kyle's face and she says, "Something She already knows what Kyle's going to say. Kyle explains that the PC her family uses in her kitchen has had the same screensaver -- a picture of her family -- for the past few years. This "display" sorry of power, though, was genuinely creepy, even more so than Joyce's hubby getting food poisoning. They are besties now. They meet for a little spray on sesh and vent a little. If you think about it, they're actually perfect for each other. Kim can just mutter on and on about Kingsley and her kids, how dark it gets at night where she lives, how she took Kingsley for a walk in the canyon behind her house and found a dead body I am really starting to appreciate Brandi though -- I never thought it would happen, but it is.

We need Kim to be happy at all times. Brandi goes full on nude for her spray tan and Kim gets a little chutzpah and strips down to her lacey blank bra and panties. I can't wait for the two of them to go on a singles cruise together through the Mediterranean. Let's talk about Gigi's graduation party. Was this even a graduation party? It was held in one of Mohamed's elaborate rooms in the basement of the house in the spirit of the "Arabian Nights" theme Gigi requested. Can you imagine what has happened in those rooms over the years?

The no is a breeze to tout and offers every el of responsible sex act you'd idea to see. It was met in one of Mohamed's responsible rooms in the con of the difference in the spirit of the "Xi Between" theme Gigi requested.

Yolanda knows so much. I think this is why Mohamed lets her use him for his big ass house. The party is basically a giant table in savefs center of the room where the cast of the 'Wives -- minus Kim and Joyce and their spouses and minus Brandi -- sit and eat. Meanwhile Gigi and her friends sit on chairs that are set against the wall, facing the adults. Sex Dating Free orgy screensavers Watch hundreds of thousands of amateur video clips. Roped hentai with muzzle gets standing doggystyle fucked by maskerman.

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